The Road to Riches

Jackpot Slots seem to be among the most popular games these days at land based and online casinos. Keeping that in mind, Spin and Win Casino has introduced various slots having progressive jackpots such as Grease I, Grease: Pink Ladies & T-Birds, Lady Luck Deluxe, Cosmic Fortune, The Lost Slot of Riches, Jazz Cat, Cash Scoop, Groovy Revolution, Bell of Fortune, Gift Shop, Golden Goal, Fruit Bonanza, Cute & Cuddly, and Speed Cash. Jackpot games are typical casino games that come with an extra that may be won at random or with a particular trigger. 

Some of these jackpots may reach phenomenal amount in millions that may be triggered anytime. Since jackpots have been introduced in casinos, there have been many stories of players winning a fortune that are life changing for them. Some of these stories are really incredible, and we have compiled a few jackpot winners that are each mind-boggling. 

The Downside of Winning a Jackpot

In January 1996, a postal worker named John Tippin went on a holiday trip to Las Vegas and walked out as a multi-millionaire after winning $12 Million while playing the popular Megabucks game. Five years after, he published a book called “I did it! My Life After Megabucks” which is about the after effects of his trip to Vegas where he describe the negative aspect of being a multi-millionaire. In his book he talks about paranoia and isolation that he experienced after becoming super rich. 

Two Jackpots Won By a Single Women

A woman won $680,000 while playing The Wheel of Fortune machine in the Palace Station Hotel.  Instead of spending this life changing amount of money on herself, this women continues to play the slot machines in Vegas and after a few months of perseverance, she won over $27 million on the popular Megabucks Jackpot! 

Millions Won By a Billionaire

Kerry Parker who is an Australian billionaire went on a rich roller trip to Vegas in 1997. Kerry enjoys the thrill of winning big even though he is a billionaire. During his 1997 trip, Parker won between $20 to $40 million in baccarat and blackjack. It is said that Parker tipped the doorman $1 million. However 2 years later, while on another high roller adventure, this time in a London Casino, he ran out of luck and lost $28 million! 

Payout of $39.7 Million for Past Time Player

A young man of 25 years old from Los Angeles won one of the biggest Vegas payout of all time, which is worth more than 39 million dollars! In fact he entered the Excalibur Casino just to fritter away time while waiting for a basketball game. This is definitely the best way to pass time. Now this man is annually receiving a payout of £1.5 million for the next 25 years as agreed by him and the casino. 

Two Times Lucky Jackpot Winner

To win a jackpot once in a lifetime is considered as a miracle, now think about winning the same sought after jackpot twice! A World War II veteran called Elmer Sherwin won a $4.6 million Megabucks Jackpot, just a few hours after The Mirage first opened its doors to the public. As a millionaire Elmer travelled the world, however he still continued to play the slots once or twice a week in the hope of accomplishing the feat of winning the Megabucks Jackpot twice. After 16 years of regularly playing on slots, he indeed won £21 million in the same Jackpot, which he mostly gave away to charity later. 

Fancy winning big? With the various jackpot slots available at Spin and Win casino, players just have to keep their fingers crossed and pull the lever of these game while hoping for good fortune to strike!


Lisa Stolmings / 10 July 2015