5 Fun Facts about Video Poker

Video Poker is one of those casino games where you can put your skills to test without having to interact with other players or a dealer. This game can provide you a one-of-a-kind gaming experience with its combination of laid-back appeal of slots, along with some of the best facets of table games.

Royal Flush

Players periodically win a Royal Flush which is the top hand in video poker! Did you know that the chance of hitting this combination is about 1 in 40,000! It is interesting to note that the odds with a real shuffled deck is similar to the true odds of video poker. This means that a Royal Flush can happen once every 80 hours if you are playing at a moderate speed.

Jacks or Better

Being one of the most popular variation of Video Poker, Jacks or Better is loved because of its presence in most casinos and its accepted winning strategy that is widely known. Playing Jacks or Better provides player with a higher chance of winning. Indeed, 20% of all first hands that are dealt in this variation of poker are winners. So even if you do not have a flawless strategy, you still have pretty good odds of winning!

Which One to Choose

According to insiders and data in the gambling industry, there are currently more than 25 version of video poker that are played around the world in various land based and online casinos, and mind you each of these variations has their own distinctive strategies that can assist players to maximise their chance of winning!

The Baby of Casino Games

Most casino games are known to have existed for centuries, but not Video Poker.  In fact, this game which was prior known as Poker Slots, only made its apparition in 1979 as video poker machines. This game was especially devised for the players who did not enjoy sitting at live poker tables due to its high pressure that is nerve wrecking. Video Poker has since then gained more popularity than many casino games that have roots dating back to centuries.

Jackpot Winners

According to casino sources, an extremely lucky player accomplished the mind blowing feat of turning a bet of $5 into an astronomical payout of $1.3 million while playing a video poker game that had the “Double Down” feature.  Double down an incredible 16 times was a life changing moment for this player, after winning with a pair of queens.


Lisa / 05 January 2016