New Year, New Motivations!


Well, it’s that time of the year again! Yep, that time when we all take great efforts to come up with a New Year Resolution and a fool-proof plan to execute it but it ultimately remains an idea. Seems like messing up a work-out plan is the thing that we do best…. NO! Never again!  Let’s prove everyone that this year is THE year! We have, for you, a list of some simple and trending New Year Resolutions that would get you to focus on bringing a change or do something fun for once! 


Your Life Is the New Motto!

Some of the most common resolutions are about self-development; getting serious with that gym membership, finally, lose some weight and cutting down on the booze… you know it. Well, these are actually great ideas since it is all about shaping you as a better person. Start considering yourself as a top priority! Get on the tracks and run a few miles to lose those Christmas candies or start going green with some veggies in your cuisines. We highly recommend you go basics at the beginning. Small steps for a big leap!


Let 2019 Be A Creative Year!

How about taking the resolution to learn a new language or photography? Such activities are creative enough to not only offer you some personal satisfaction but also open new areas of interests. If you’re a fan of music, you could learn how to play a musical instrument and compose a piece of your own. According to Fast Company, creativity ranks in the first place for the most important qualities of a leader, 60% to be precise! If you want something that will enhance both your personal and professional life, then being creative in 2019 could be the stepping stone!

Thrill Yourself With Something Exciting!

Yep… New Year Resolutions are not restricted to personal development. It could also point to something that you’ve always wanted to do… like go crazy and jump off a bridge, with a rope tied to your leg, of course! (They call it bungee jumping). Or you could let a snake wrap itself on your neck… in a zoo. Take a step forward with your bucket list in 2019 as you add in new entries or progress in completing existing ones. Sometimes it is best that you do something that makes you happy then do something to please others…

Sky diving

Travel The World!

May there be no geographical barriers for you in 2019! Consider the resolution of travelling around the world and discover new cultures and countries that you might have only heard of. Why not try something different? Everyone is going for Spain, France, Italy or other buffed up countries. Go for countries like New Guinea, Haiti, Nepal or Bangladesh that are obviously not the first destinations for tourists. There are indeed exceptional attractions that could interest you in these countries as well. Don’t forget to do charity while you are amongst those in need of help. 2019 could be the year of gratitude!

Travel the world

Of course, the final verdict is yours! Did you gather some inspiration from our ideas? We seriously hope that 2019 is the year that you’ve been waiting for! We decided on giving lots of good promotions next year… what did you decide on?

Lisa Stolmings / 09 January 2019