Introducing the Tower Quest Slot Game

Join the magical gathering of warriors and wizards at Spin and Win slots with the new video slot game called Tower Quest. On this game, dramatic background music works in chorus with full packed action artwork, making Tower Quest Slot one of the best online slot machines to have ever been created!

You will be on a quest to defeat the Evil Wizard by reducing his health to zero on Tower Quest, which carries 20 fixed pay lines. With each spin that you take on Tower Quest, you may collect vials of potion that are scattered across all 5 reels. The red and blue potions are used to unlock free spins or re-spins whenever those are needed to boost the winnings. The higher the number of vial amassed, the better your chances of having greater prizes when you decide to activate these potions.

When the Evil wizard makes an appearance on any 3 reels, the battle of the bonus round begins, allowing you to select an avatar. Roll the dice to establish his three warrior cards that will fight against the monsters and orcs of the Evil Wizard. Each card has its own health value and attack strength. You will get to send each of your cards on a duel with a monster for a head-to- head battle where only one will emerge as the winner. As the leader of the warriors, you will have the honour to gain control of the Tower that may award you up to 500 times your bet amount if your cards emerge as the winner of the battles.

Tower Quest is a game that will provide players with an innovative and thrilling online gaming experience that has never been seen before. With such great features, this game has definitely found its place among the top slots game at Spin and Win and most probably in the entire online gaming industry as well.

Lisa Stolmings / 10 April 2015