Underbelly Festival 2019

Back to the capital, the Underbelly Festival is buzzing London’s Southbank with activities. From April to September, you get to enjoy the comedies, cabarets, circus and the finest live performers. Needless to say, each of the Underbelly shows are showed with positive reviews! How about having a glimpse of the event that’s currently running? Keep up with the reading!


A Simple Space

Immersive as they are, the seven acrobats pushed their limits. Their performance was delicate, intimately touching the cord of your heart each time they would spin. During their act, the cast was no longer going for their comfort zone. In fact, all they want is breaking down their usual guards and present the harsh reality of weakness and failures.

Under The Covers

She showed her vocal versatility at its best, she is the winner of Celebrity Big Brother and the presenter of the reality show - The Bi Life. She is none other than the RuPaul’s Drag Race star. From ballads to bangers, she did several covers with her beautiful luxurious show. She proved herself to be versatile to most type of songs.

Cocoa Butter Club

Unexpected as always, the Cocoa Butter Club did a great show for the Underbelly Festival. They always come up with something new which make it hard to guess what they will come up with. Drag, circus, music, dance, burlesque and other genres were all combined together in its cabaret night. A true celebration of colours!

Dead Funny

Get a dramatic taste of death with the comic character Myra Dubois. She takes an ironic look at dying, death and the full drama of it for the festival. To bring the drama to another level, she chose the music of Richard Thomas (Jerry Springer the Opera).  She takes the iconic death fall to a new level, with its tears, expressions and wails.

What’s next on the programme?

That was just a glimpse of the event. Want to know what’s next? Book your tickets for:

Miss Kiddy & The Cads – Back to the Underbelly Festival, one of UK’s hottest vintage musical entertainment, which is back for two nights. Get ready to enjoy the Hollywood glamour.

Swing out! – A night of live swing is waiting for you. Prepare your shoes to enter this beautiful world of Swing.

The Silent Disco Show – Brace the live performances of DJs, dancing and decadence expected to appear live on stage.

Several nights full of cabarets, circus, great tunes, visuals and sing-along are waiting. Make the most of them while preparing yourself for the next Underbelly Festival.

Lisa Stolmings / 02 September 2019