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Live Baccarat Control Squeeze - Evolution

Live Baccarat Control Squeeze - Evolution
Live Baccarat Control Squeeze - Evolution Screenshot

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On this addition called Live Baccarat Control Squeeze on UK’s online casino – Spin and Win, players control the squeeze themselves for an exceptionally Macau-like VIP gaming experience. The custom-designed Baccarat table contains glass panels in the table-top with integrated cameras beneath. As the cards are dealt face-down onto the glass panels, the cards’ faces are shown in closeup as part of the UI on players’ screens.

On this great creation of Evolution Gaming, you can squeeze the cards on which you have to bet. This can be done by tapping or clicking on the corner of each card, then dragging to peel and reveal its value. You can also tap or click on the cards in the competing hand to immediately unveil their value. Squeezing is available just for a selected time on Live Baccarat Control Squeeze, so you have to react swiftly as the suspense builds.

Even if you have not placed a bet, you can still practice the squeeze throughout any game round. This direct interaction with the cards makes the Live Baccarat Control Squeeze the closest players can get to squeezing the cards at the table in a real casino. Open the game at any time at spinandwin.com through your tablet, mobile phone or desktop, for a great gaming experience!


In order to win on this game of Baccarat, you must get cards where the values are nearest to 9. The cards will be evaluated as follows: Aces are worth 1 point and are the lowest cards, 2 to 9 cards are worth their numerical values and 10s and face cards like kings, queens and jacks are worth 0. Diamonds, Hearts, Spades or Clubs on Live Baccarat Control Squeeze are not relevant, but only the numeric values which are appropriate.

Place a bet on the banker or player side to start playing. In the event that you end up with the same point as the banker, a third card will be drawn to decide the winner. If you have more than 10 points, then it will be deducted from the point. For instance, if you get 12 points, 12-10 = 2 points have been attained. On this game, you have to be quick. Only 15 seconds are given to reveal your cards on Live Baccarat Control Squeeze.

Squeeze – You have the possibility to “squeeze” or gradually unveil the cards values by yourself, thanks to a special vibrant overlay on the game. You can press the cards on the competing hand to uncover the cards instantly.

Controlled Squeeze – When the female banker keeps the cards hidden, you will be kept in suspense while the excitement grows. No one on the table will know whether you’ve lost or won, as well as if a third card should be drawn or not. On Live Baccarat Control Squeeze, there are 5 cameras. Four of these are in position over the table to focus only on the cards, while one films the dealer (her hands)!


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