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Live Baccarat Squeeze - Evolution

Live Baccarat Squeeze - Evolution
Live Baccarat Squeeze - Evolution Screenshot

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Live Baccarat Squeeze is one of the additions to Evolution Gaming’s library of live casino games. Many players nowadays like to squeeze their cards in Baccarat. It’s a favourite pastime amongst players. This game itself is no different from the standard Baccarat. The rules are practically the same, where the aim is to bet on the player, banker or a tie. The objective is to see which will get a hand nearest to 9. Card values on Live Baccarat Squeeze are continuous, with all face cards counting as 0, 2s through 9s counting for face value, and Aces counting as one point.

If during the game, the banker or player receive a pair, side bets can be placed for betting on. Gambling with both; the banker or the player, pay the same 1:1 pay-out. 2 pair wagers award 200:1 with 1 pair in either hand awarding 25:1. The feature of Live Baccarat Squeeze is the diverse camera angles. You’ll find up to 17 HD cameras surrounding the table, hence displaying unique views of the dealer. Dealers will squeeze each card before mixing them over to make the anticipation and come as close as a live casino you can get.


The different amount of chips on Live Baccarat Squeeze range from 1, 5, 25, 100, 500, to 1000. When in use, the chips are illuminated and once you stop gambling, the chips’ lights switch off. As soon as you’ve chosen the preferred value, press on the betting spot on the game table by selecting Tie, Banker or Player. Below the game table, you’ll notice four scoreboards. This displays the results of latest rounds to help you make smart gambling decisions.

There is one significant feature on Live Baccarat Squeeze called Squeeze! If you’ve placed a bet, you are given the option to squeeze – uncovering the cards slowly. Thanks to the animated surface, you can unveil the cards all by yourself. Each time you click on the betting option, the amount increases. “Double (2x)” button lets you double your bet and maximise your stake amount. The Repeat option enables you to play with the same bet as of previous round. As for the Undo option, it removes the last bet placed.


Live Baccarat Squeeze keeps the action flowing while creating the suspense. It’s a great game especially if you have just started playing live casino games. On Spin and Win Casino, you’ll find other similar live games available. It is just a matter of choice before deciding on which game you would like to settle in. Some of them include: Live Immersive Roulette, Live Auto-Roulette, Live VIP Roulette, Live Blackjack Party, and many more!

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