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Live Blackjack Fortune VIP - Evolution

Live Blackjack Fortune VIP - Evolution
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Spin and Win is one of the online casinos, linking up players to central dealers for a series of traditional casino games. The site offers its members the chance to play blackjack against a live dealer, where they can have a memorable gaming experience. With the introduction of Live Blackjack Fortune VIP, you are sure to be playing wherever you may be!

This production of Evolution Gaming is fast-paced, enabling several players’ hands to be played concurrently without the same delays you would expect, even in an authentic land-based environment. Besides, there are a number of additional features this game makes possible, including bonus bets, side bets and the chance for other players to wager on your hand, and vice versa. Ready to get into action? If yes, take out your smartphone, tablet or desktop and launch Live Blackjack Fortune VIP anytime!


Stake amounts are different on this game. Start by placing your bet on the bet area found at the bottom of the table. You’ll notice that on this game, insurance pays 2:1 while blackjack pays 3:1. The live dealer will constantly draw the hand at 16 and stand on any 17. Once you take a seat at the table, it’ll be all about showing off your skills to win. You can use any tactics, as long as your hand value does not exceed 21.

Live Blackjack Fortune VIP has many special features. They are Betting Behind, and the Side Bets which include Perfect Pairs and 21+3 Bet.

Betting Behind – In the event that the table is full, you can still pick to bet behind and back one or more of the players. You will also be given the chance to see who are winning. Hence, this could help you make up your mind which hands and players to support. If it happens that you support a winning hand, you will also catch hold of a prize 

Side Bets – If you are a beginner on Live Blackjack Fortune VIP, this feature will suit you good. The two side bets are:

Perfect Pairs – Pay-outs depend on pairs’ combination. If the hand you are supporting has a perfect suited pair (Matched suits: 9 Spade – 9 Spade, Ace Heart – Ace Heart), coloured pair (Matched Colours: 7 Spade – 7 Clubs, Queen Heart – Queen Diamond), or mixed pair (Matched Ranks only: 6 Spade – 6 Diamond, King Club -King Heart), you will win depending on the difficulty of your pair.
21+3 Bet – This side bet is an extra bet on Live Blackjack Fortune VIP. It is dealt when the player gets two face-up cards and the live dealer shows only one of her/his two cards. You are given the possibility to double down, split, stand or hit a card. The aim is to outclass the live dealer by getting a card value closest to 21.


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