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Live Blackjack Grand VIP - Evolution

Live Blackjack Grand VIP - Evolution
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Evolution Gaming excels when it comes to live casino games! And, here they come again with another variant of blackjack, Live Blackjack Grand VIP. Available to play at Spin and Win Casino, this online game will enhance your gaming experience. Open the game and plunge into the backdrop which shows a wooden décor, painted walls and the charming live dealer. You can sit at any of the available tables which offer a fixed number of seats.

But before you start playing Live Blackjack Grand VIP, do you know a few facts about blackjack? Playing blackjack requires a lot of decision making – this game demands a lot of mental stimulation. Also, card counting in blackjack is a real happening at land-based casinos, however, it cannot be done while playing blackjack online.

Betting Types

It is easy to start your gameplay on Live Blackjack Grand VIP. First, you have to click on ‘Sit Here’ to select one of the seven available seats at the table. Live Blackjack Grand VIP includes the traditional blackjack rules and thus, you can maximise your chances of winning by increasing your stake. Your goal on Live Blackjack Grand VIP is to beat the dealer with a card value closest to 21, without going over. In the event that all the seats are already taken, you can still choose ‘bet behind’ – you will play with other players, and if they win, you win too. Once you've selected your bet amount, you will be offered two face-up cards while the dealer will have one face-up and one face-down card. It is the face-down card that will determine whether you’ve won or you’ve lost.

On Live Blackjack Grand VIP, there are specific values for each card. The number of cards which are 2 to 10 is counted as their face values. As for the King, Queen and Jack, they are counted as 10 each. The Ace can either be counted as 1 or 11, depending on the hand you have.

Even if you do not achieve blackjack on Live Blackjack Grand VIP, there are other options available. These playing options are:

Double Down: Double your stake
Split: If you have two cards of the same value in the first hand, you can place an extra bet for two extra cards; it’s like playing two hands at once
Stand: You restrict yourself to the cards you have, without taking any more
Hit: Hitting a card means you request for another additional card
21+3 Feature: You get to examine a player’s two cards and the dealer’s face-up card

Another option you have is Perfect Pairs which is the choice to apply a different bet to guess if other players’ first two cards are paired. The 3 types of pairs are:

Perfect Pairs: Matched Suits – Two cards of the same suit (9 Spade, 9 Spade)
Coloured Pairs: Matched Colours- Two cards of the same colour (9 Heart, 9 Diamond)
Mixed Pairs: Matched Ranks: Two cards of the same rank (Spade King, Heart King)

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