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Live Blackjack Silver - Evolution

Live Blackjack Silver - Evolution
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Game Details

Enjoy Blackjack in a silvery surrounding on Live Blackjack Silver at Spin and Win. It is proudly brought to you by Evolution Gaming. It is set against a backdrop showing a luxurious casino, with shades of blue and silver. Feel the same atmosphere as in a real-life casino! Meet the friendly and professional host who deals the cards. Interact with him/her and other players through the Live Chat option. Make the most of this highly entertaining game which is perfect for everyone!

Coin Sizes, Symbols, Key Features and Betting

Take a seat at the Live Blackjack Silver table and select your desired chip value ranging from £50 to £5000. After picking a chip, click on “Free Bet position” to place your bet. The minimum and maximum bets vary from £10 to £2000. The game comes with the Bet Behind feature which is especially useful if all the seats are taken at the table. It allows you to bet on a hand dealt to another player.

On Live Blackjack Silver, find the traditional Blackjack rules together with some extra features which enhance your gameplay. The following betting options are available:

21+3 Bet: It is placed on a combination of 3 cards and the winning combinations are: Flush (same suit); Straight (sequence); Three of a Kind (3 cards of the same value); Straight Flush (suited sequence) and Suited Trips (3 cards of the same suit and value).
Perfect Pairs Side Bet: It is placed on any pairs in a hand and its winning combinations are: Mixed Pair, Coloured Pair and Perfect Pair.
Insurance: Purchase an Insurance Bet when the dealer is about to win. It is counted as half the amount of your initial bet. If the dealer gets a Blackjack, win twice the Insurance Bet! If he does not, the insurance bet is lost.

The different payouts for the 21+3 Bets are as follows:

Suited Trips – 100:1.
Straight Flush – 40:1.
Three of a Kind – 30:1.
Straight – 10:1.
Flush – 5:1.

As for the Perfect Pairs Side Bets, their payouts are:

Perfect Pair – 25:1.
Coloured Pair – 12:1.
Mixed Pair – 6:1.

Live Blackjack Silver gives you the chance to revisit the standard Blackjack rules, such as:

Hit: The dealer “Hits” when his hand’s value is 16 or less and takes an extra card.
Stand: The dealer “Stands” when the value of his hand is 17 or more.
Bust (loss): If his hand’s value exceeds 21, the dealer loses the round, which is also called a “Bust”.
Double Down: When the total of your first 2 cards is 9, 10 or 11 and a 3rd one helps to beat the dealer’s hand, click on “Double Down” to double your initial bet and receive one more card.
Split: If the value of your first 2 cards is equal, “Split” them into 2 separate hands. At this stage, Double Down is not allowed.

Revisit the classic Blackjack game on Live Blackjack Silver and make the most of its additional features. Are you all set for a round of Blackjack?

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