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Live French Roulette Gold - Evolution

Live French Roulette Gold - Evolution
Live French Roulette Gold - Evolution Screenshot

Game Details

Created by Evolution Gaming, Live French Roulette Gold is played under the standard French roulette rules. This well-designed game consists of an interesting backdrop. The interior décor and the lavish soundtrack will make you feel like you’re in a real casino. You can play this game at Spin and Win Casino on either a tablet, a laptop or a mobile phone! Join the live dealer on Live French Roulette Gold by choosing your seat at the table.

But first, do you know the origins of roulette? This famous casino game was invented in the 17th century by the Frenchman, Blaise Pascal. The scientist was trying to make a perpetual motion machine and created the best casino game. Ever since, France takes all the credit for the invention of roulette. And, over the years, there have been many changes to the initial game of roulette.

Betting Types

Start your casino gaming experience on Live French Roulette Gold by choosing any of the seven chip values, and place it on your preferred spot of the table. On the table layout, you will find several options and these are Undo, Repeat and Change Camera Angle. Also, there are two other options on the right-hand corner of the table and these are Neighbour Bets and Announced Bets.

Announced Bets are bets which can often be seen on French Roulette. The common one is Voisins Du Zero (neighbours of zero) which is when a bet covers 0 and 7 numbers from 22 to 25 on each side of the wheel. Another announced bet is Le Tiers Du Cylindre (one-third of the wheel) which is when you bet on the opposite side of the wheel, covering 12 numbers from 22 to 33 on the wheel of Live French Roulette Gold.

As for neighbour bets, these are also common on roulette and can be placed on Live French Roulette Gold. It is when you place a bet on a 5 number which is covered with a specific number and two neighbouring numbers, on each side. You have to stake on the Racetrack to place a neighbour bet. It is said to be the most effective bet type on Live French Roulette Gold.

Apart from these two bets, you can also place inside and outside bets on Live French Roulette Gold. These bets can be placed either on the numbers inside or outside the table, depending on your preferences.

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