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Live Ultimate Texas Hold'em Poker - Evolution

Live Ultimate Texas Hold'em Poker - Evolution
Live Ultimate Texas Hold'em Poker - Evolution Screenshot

Game Details

Get ready for the ultimate battle at Spin and Win Casino with Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker! On this game by Evolution Gaming, revisit a popular form of poker called Texas Hold’em. During a typical Texas Hold’em game, you can find 2-hole cards that are dealt face-down to each player, with 2 community cards dealt face-up in 3 stages. Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker consists of an automatically shuffled 52-card deck and is played on a green poker table with different betting spots.

The name Texas Hold’em indicates that poker originated from the USA, especially the New Orleans. According to historians, the game was drafted and developed in the Louisiana region. Little is known about the invention of Texas Hold’em, however, as per the Texas Legislature, it was during the early 1900s. Robstown, Texas is officially recognised as the birthplace of this game. Get the chance to rediscover this popular game in a live atmosphere on Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker!

Coin Sizes, Symbols, Key Features and Betting

When you start playing Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker, place an Ante bet first, followed by a Blind bet. Both of them have the same value. Once done, receive 2 face-up cards, with the dealer getting 2 face-down ones. Spice up your gameplay with the many available features. For example, the Trip Bonus is an optional bet which lets you win Three of a Kind cards or better. Together with your 5 cards, receive 2 more to achieve better combinations.

Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker also consists of the Flop Feature. When you opt for it, you are offered 3 Community cards, a Turn (4th card) and a River card (5th card). If not, you can still choose 1x Ante or Fold. During the game, you are given the option to increase your Ante bet by 4x and 3x, or you can click on Check cards. Not happy with your cards combination? Simply Fold to end the round. However, folding means losing your Ante and Blind Bets.

As for the payouts on Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker, Ante bet pays 1:1. Blind Bet rewards you with the following:

Royal Flush – 500:1.
Straight Flush – 50:1.
Four of a Kind – 10:1.
Full House – 3:1.
Flush – 1.5:1.
Straight – 1:1.
All other – Bet pushes.

As for the Trips Bonus Bet, it awards the following payouts:

Royal Flush – 50:1.
Straight Flush – 40:1.
Four of a Kind – 30:1.
Full House – 8:1.
Flush – 7:1.
Straight – 4:1.
Three of a Kind – 3:1.

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