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Live Blackjack PRO - Netent

Live Blackjack PRO - Netent
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Grab a seat and join the Live Blackjack Pro game at Spin and Win Casino, where you can also find the best online slots. This is a classic casino game by NetEnt that comes with innovative user interface and beautiful graphics. You can expect low latency and crisp image while having a real-time interaction with the dealer, and also experience an immersive casino experience that will certainly remind you of the land-based casino atmosphere.


Find charismatic and friendly dealers trained with the highest of standards to provide you with a tip-top experience on Live Blackjack Pro. Here you will be offered table statistics and displayed history of the last ten hands of the dealer. The minimum bet value on this game is 200.

Your aim on Live Blackjack Pro is to earn a hand with a value that is as close to 21 as possible, however without going over. Try to beat the dealer hand’s value without busting. And if the dealer has Blackjack, you lose unless you have placed the Insurance bet.

At the start of a new game, you will be dealt with 2 face-down cards by the live dealer, while he or she will also receive 2 cards. However, only one will be exposed so that you can make your betting decision. If you want to keep your current hand, you can just click on the Stand Button, and if you want to be dealt with another card, you can just click is the Hit Button. You have the option of doubling down and this is possible when the Double button appears. Splitting of pairs is also available and when hands are split, two hands will automatically be dealt.

You will also find a dynamic Billboard on Live Blackjack Pro where you can see the value of the hands of the past 10 games. This includes the percentage of blackjacks and busted hands. As for the dealer’s actions, he must stand on 17, which also includes a soft 17, and also draw on any hand of 16 or lesser.

There are various ways of getting a win on Live Blackjack Pro. It can be won by either creating a blackjack with the first two cards that are dealt or by creating a hand closer to twenty-one than the dealer. It can also be won by having 21 or less when the dealer goes bust or won with an insurance bet. There is a time limit to the game, and if you do not play your hand within that time, the hand will automatically stand. You also lose your position at the table if you do not bet for three consecutive hands.


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