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Live Roulette - Netent

Live Roulette - Netent
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Featuring amongst the creation of Net Entertainment, Live Roulette is amid the live casino games series that the provider has released. Available to play at Spin and Win Casino, the game comes with a live dealer. While playing on this game, players’ can be sure that they will have the best video quality as well as sound! The game follows the same rules of the European roulette, the only difference that you will find is in terms of table layout and betting terms.  


Live Roulette’s display is tip-top where you will have all the players’ in play at your right-hand side as well as Hot and Cold. On your left-hand-side, you will find the Bet, Win and Balance. The plus that this game gives you, is that you may chat. The roulette wheel will be in the middle of the screen while the betting spots, at the very front of the game screen.

The bets that are available on Live Roulette are 1, 5, 25, 100 and 100, which you may select while clicking on the coloured chips. You are given the option to ‘Undo last bet’, ‘Clear all bets’ and also ‘Rebet from previous round’. You may as well double all bets through the given X2 button, click to see the other players’ chips and also input a favourite bet, which will be saved for you.

The objective on Live Roulette is to predict the slot on which the ball will land in after the wheel is spun. There are various types of bets on Live Roulette; Inside Bets, Outside Bets and Neighbour Bets. To view the Pay-table, you simply have to click on the ‘i’ Icon. Straight pays 35:1, Split – 17:1, Three Line (Street) – 11:1, Corner – 8:1, Six Line – 5:1, Column – 2:1, Dozen – 2:1, Red/Black, Even/Odd and 1-18/19-36 pays 1:1.

So how to bet? In the Inside Bets, you will find Straight; a bet placed on a single number, Split; a bet placed on 2 adjoining numbers, Three line (Street); a bet on a row of 3 numbers, Corner; a bet on 4 numbers and Six line; a bet on 6 numbers, 2 rows of numbers, excluding 0.

In the Outside Bets, you have Column; a bet on 12 numbers, Dozen; a bet on 12 numbers, Red/Black; a red or black bet on 18 numbers – either all red or all black numbers, Even/ Odd; a bet on either 18 even or odd numbers and 1-18/19-36; a bet on 18 numbers either first or last.

Neighbour Bets are also found, in which you may place Number and neighbours bet, Jeu Zero, Tiers, Orphelins or Voisins bets.


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