Level Up Race

Our brand new Level Up Race promo is not for the faint-hearted. Spin on 3 of our most popular titles - Cleopatra Plus, Wheel of Fortune On Tour and Nordic Heroes – and be one of over a thousand lucky winners to walk away with a slice of the loot!


How to enter:

  • Play any of the THREE games above, any time between 19th and 29th January
  • These games are Level Up games – climb the levels to earn prize draw entries
  • The higher you climb, the more prize tickets you’ll collect via special multipliers! Check the table below for more info:


Level Multiplier applied Entries to the Draw
2 x1 2
3 x1 3
4 x1 4
5 x2 10
6 x2 12
7 x3 21
8 x3 24
9 x3 27
10 x3 30
11 x3 33
12 x3 36
13 x3 39
14 x3 42
15 x3 45
16 x3 48
17 x3 51
18 x3 54
19 x3 57
20 x3 60
21 x3 63
22 x3 66
23 x3 69
24 x3 72


But that’s not even the best part! Amazingly, you can land more than one prize because winning is based on level up and not on player account! So keep playing to increase your pop at the £20K pot!


The draw will be held on 30th January 2017 and prizes will be awarded as follows:


Number of Prizes

Prize Amounts














The race starts now: on your marks… get set… spin a share of £20,000!


Terms and conditions


These player Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy form the legal basis upon which you are entered for the above promotion. Please read them carefully and if necessary ask for further information from the Promoter or from your Participating Operator.  

What terms in capital letters mean: In these Terms & Conditions the following terms with capital letters mean as follows: 

“The Draw” means the free prize draw to be conducted on 30 January 2017. 

“The Promotion” means the overall ‘The Level Up Race Online and Mobile Network Promotion’ promotion as described in these Terms & Conditions and comprises the Draw conducted after the Promotional Period, subject to any cancellation of any part of the Promotion by the Promoter. 

“The Promoter” is the person with overall responsibility for the conduct of the Promotion and that person is IGT (UK 1) Limited of First Floor, East + West Wings, Quay West, Trafford Wharf Road, Manchester M17 1HH, save that the obligation to pay prizes to prizewinners is an obligation of the relevant Participating Operators and not the Promoter. 

“The Promotional Period” means as set out in Section 4 below, subject to any cancellation of any part of the Promotion by the Promoter. 

Participating Operator(s)” refers to operators of gambling sites who have licensed electronic games from any of the companies in the IGT group of companies and who from time-to-time choose to take part in the Promotion by offering their players the chance to play the Featured Games on their sites. The Participating Operators have the obligation to pay prizes to prizewinners who have won their prize by playing the Featured Games on that operator’s site, but otherwise the overall responsibility for the Promotion is the Promoter’s. 

“The Featured Games” means the IGT Cleopatra Plus, Wheel of Fortune on Tour and Nordic Heroes slot games (online and mobile versions), which are included in the Promotion during the Promotional Period and by playing which a player may receive free entries into the Draw. 

Terms & Conditions” means these player terms and conditions and ‘Section’ refers to the sections of these Terms & Conditions as numbered below. 

Working Days” means days when banks in the City of London are generally open for business and not including weekends or public holidays in the UK. 

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