Match Point Roulette

If you get enough topspin on your shots in Match Point Roulette this week you could really ace a winner!


Serve, lob, drop shot and topspin at your leisure and walk away with a share of €5,000 cash!



From Monday to Wednesday between 14:00 – 02:00 (CET)


Week 1: 3rd - 5th April

Week 2: 10th - 12th April



Access Live Casino > Open any game > Match Point Roulette will be on the far left.



For every 10 rounds that you play on the Match Point Live Roulette table during the promotional period, you’ll receive 1 prize draw ticket!


The Prize


€5,000 in cash will be split between 200 players each week:



Ranks                              Prize

1st                                   €1,000

2nd                                  €500

3rd - 5th                         €150

6th - 10th                       €50

11th - 100th                  €20

101st - 200th                €10


The draws will be held on Thursday 6th April for week 1 and Thursday 13th April for week 2.


The more tickets you collect – the more chances you have of smashing a prize into your account!


Terms and conditions

  • The Match Point promotion is open to funded players only.
  • Promo dates: 3rd - 5th & 10th -12th April 2017.
  • Table operating hours: Daily from 14:00-2:00 (CET).
  • Qualifying table: Match Point table, table ID - R5.
  • Mechanics: Every time your players play 10 rounds on the Match Point, they will get 1 entry ticket into the random prize draw (the same player can get maximum 50 prize draw tickets per day).
  • The same player can only win one prize per prize draw. The more tickets a player gathers, the more chance to win a prize.
  • A qualifying game round for the purposes of this promotion is a real money bet round when player’s bets cover less than 70% of the outcomes on the wheel. Game rounds in which a player’s bets cover 70% or more of the outcomes on the wheel will not count as a qualifying game round.
  • The Draw dates:
    1. The 1st Prize Draw: 6th April 2017 - €5,000 in cash to be split between 200 players
    2. The 2nd Prize Draw: 13th April 2017 - €5,000 in cash to be split between 200 players
  • The Cash Prizes to be split between 200 players as shows below table:

            Ranks                      Prize

            1st                         €1,000

            2nd                        €500

           3rd - 5th                 €150

           6th - 10th               €50

          11th - 100th            €20

          101st - 200th          €10