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American Roulette

American Roulette
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American Roulette is one of the long-standing casino games in the world. For centuries, it has thrilled countless players and baffled gaming historians as to its origin. The American Roulette wheels have two "0's", zero and double-zero. The game also uses "non-value" chips. It means that all chips going to the same player are of the same value determined when the purchase was made. And the player cashes in the chips at the roulette table.

Microgaming brings to you American Roulette Switch. It is a creation where you must place wagers on where a ball will stop. There are 38 pockets in total on the Wheel Layout: the numbers 1-36, as well as 0 (zero) and 00 (double zero). The double zero and zero are highlighted green and the rest of the numbers are evenly split between red and black. Are you ready to give it a shot? Play American Roulette Switch at Spin and Win Casino!


Once you get started, you must choose the chip value of your choice! You can make as many bets as you like before each spin. There is an option where you pick a single number and run with it. However, it is good to note that the number of combinations can be covered by a single bet. Feel free to take a peek at the betting options available in the game. They are as follows: “inside” bets and “outside” bets.

Inside Bets

  • Corner – A wager containing a “square” of 4 numbers that pays 8-1
  • Single – A wager containing a single number that pays out at 35-1
  • Top Line – A wager containing 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3, which pays 6-1
  • Split – A wager containing any two neighbouring numbers on the layout that pays 17-1
  • Six-Line – A wager containing 2 successive rows which payout at 5-1
  • Street – A wager containing a row of 3 numbers, paying out 11-1

Outside Bets

  • Odd/Even – These wagers contain the appropriate 18 numbers and payout at even money.
  • Column Bets – These wagers contain a column of 12 numbers and payout at 2-1 odds.
  • 1-18/19-36 – These wagers contain all of the numbers in the range selected, and again pay even money.
  • Dozen Bets – These wagers contain 12 consecutive numbers (such as 1-12 or 13-24), and also payout at 2-1.
  • Red/Black – These wagers contain all numbers of the colour selected, paying out at even money.


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