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European Roulette - NetEnt

European Roulette - NetEnt
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Have you ever played on the devil’s game? If not, then be worry-free since no special skills are required to play on NetEnt’s creation European Roulette at Spin and Win Casino. The game features amongst the easiest casino game to play since you only require predicting the number on which the ball will land on, also known as a game of chance! The game roulette itself has a fascinating rich history that is said to have taken birth in France. One unbelievable rumour was that Francois Blanc sold his soul to the devil so as to learn the secrets of gambling as well as the roulette wheel to win. You won’t require making any deals with the devil in order to catch a win, since predicting the spot on a number that will come out, might give your gameplay a boost!


Start off your session on European Roulette by selecting your preferred chip from 1, 2, 5, 25, 100 or 500. You will require selecting the types of bets you wish to place else the numbers found on the table. After having placed a bet, you may double all bets, undo last bet, clear all bets as well as Re-bet from a previous round. Favourite bets may as well be input on European Roulette.

European Roulette gives you additional types of bets; Call bets and Special bets. The Call bets include Number and neighbours – default bet on 5 numbers, Jeu Zero – a series of 7 numbers, Tiers – a series of 12 numbers, Orphelins – a bet on 2 series of 8 numbers and Voisins – bet on a series of 17 numbers. The Special bets include Red and Black Splits, Finale Plein, Finale Cheval and Finale Cheval/Plein.

Furthermore, you may also place Inside Bets in which you may go for Straight – bet placed on a single number, Split – bet on 2 adjoining numbers, Three line (street) bet on a row of 3 numbers, Corner – bet on 4 numbers and Six line – a stake on 6 numbers. In the Outside Bets, you may select to bet on Column- 12 numbers, Dozen – 12 numbers, Red/Black – bet on 18 numbers, Even/Odd – bet on 18 numbers; either even or odd, 1-18/19-36 – bet on 18 numbers; either first or last 18 numbers.

How about checking out which numbers came out more often? You may do just that on the Statistics board, on which you will set eyes upon the game round results, hot and cold numbers plus the statistics for the table. The winning numbers for the last 500 rounds will be displayed on the Wheel Statistics. The 4 most drawn numbers in the last 500 spins will be shown on the Hot numbers table as well as the number of times that it came out. You may as well view the Cold numbers, which are the numbers that least come out on the Cold table, showing the last 4 numbers that have the top number of spins. The Bar Charts, found in the same square as the Hot and Cold, displays the Red/Black and Even/Odd bets.


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