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Football Scratch

Football Scratch
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All the football fans raise your hands!!! There’s a Scratch game that will keep you entertained. Do you want to know what this game is? It’s Football Scratch from Microgaming. Get a kick out of all the surprises that this football themed game roofs. By the way, what’s your favourite football team? Jump on Spin and Win and have some fun on Football Scratch. 

Coin Sizes, Symbols, Key Features and Betting

Headstart Football Scratch by choosing your favourite stake amount. Check out the Bet Field where you’ll find a range of values that range as follows: £0.50, £0.60, £0.70, £0.80, £0.90, £1 to £2. After you’ve selected your most like one, you’ll discover a football player setting foot in a stadium, the stadium of Football Scratch.

Here on Football Scratch, there are mainly two displays – Your Players and Goals. Now, you will have to find out the various players and the different numbers that are concealed in the two dissimilar panels. In the first one, there are two balls and on the second display, there are 8 jerseys displayed. All you must do is to click on the various number of jerseys to disclose the player’s amount and number on the Football Scratch. How does this sound? 

To spice up the Football Scratch game, there is an option that can come quite handy and it is no other than the Auto Reveal Option. As its name suggests, it reveals things, but what things? It can reveal the whole panels all at once. Now, after the jerseys have been disclosed, you will be bestowed with a reward only if the jerseys match with the details that are on the reams of balls.

Hear this! There is a prize that you can get hold of. Do you have an idea? You can get up to £25,000. 

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