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Jinxy Match 3

Jinxy Match 3
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And…the match 3 series continue at Spin and Win Casino! Novomatic brings to you Jinxy Match 3 online game. Jammed with 7-rows and 8-column, you must form a combo of 3 or more symbols of the same colour by changing two non-diagonal adjoining symbols. Ready to give it a try?

During the game on Jinxy Match 3, you will discover many interesting symbols. These are a pink diamond, merlin’s hat, beetle, almanack, lotus, potion, spider, mushroom, owl and frog. Who knows, these colourful symbols might help you trigger cash prizes.

Jinxy Match 3 is playable on any devices. For instance, you may launch the game through any mobile phone, tablet or desktop devices. Brace yourself for some thrilling gaming rounds!


On Jinxy Match 3, you must select the bet amount of your choice to set things rolling. The Bet field is located at the bottom of the screen. Also, it is good to note that there are no regular winning lines or reels available. Simply pull and place symbols around the grid. Want to discover the three special symbols?

What will perhaps fascinate you is that after every round, a winning symbol may drop onto the board. As soon as you successfully remove one of those symbols from the board, you trigger wins. Do not forget to collect the win value of a winning symbol by clearing it via a special symbol or by changing its place to the bottom of the board.

The Bomb Special Symbols change direction in one position only. Even though the target location is filled by a basic, win or special symbol. The explosion of a bomb special symbol occurs by changing its place - it clears up to 12 bordering symbols.

The Cross Special Symbols could also entertain you. These look like the basic symbols in colour and shape. Nonetheless, they are indicated with special arrows. If they are linked with 2 or more symbols of the same colour, they will activate an explosion across the vertical column and horizontal line.

Lastly, there are the Bell Special Symbols. These change direction in one position only, just like the Bomb Special symbols. The change can occur with a bordering basic or special symbol. As soon as a bell special symbol is swapped with another basic one, all symbols of the same colour transform into bell special symbols and instantly blow up.


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