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Monopoly Slingo

Monopoly Slingo
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Finally, the moment is here! One of the UK’s best-loved board games gets a Slingo makeover. Monopoly Slingo is a classic game with crisps graphics. The objective is to complete Slingo by landing on properties around the board. As soon as you get onto one, every property of similar colour is marked off on the Slingo grid in the centre of the board. Ready to work your way up the win ladder? Drop by Spin and Win Casino to launch the game!


Playing Monopoly Slingo is relatively simple. Get started by choosing the profile you’d like to play by using the ‘Choose Profile’ button. This will decide if you have 7 or 8 rolls of the dice, and some of the profiles give greater prizes. Follow by selecting your bet amount using the ‘Stake’ button. Once you’re ready, click on the ‘Start 7/8 Rolls’ button to roll those dice!

The 5×5 grid of Monopoly Slingo is randomly filled by 25 of the 26 property cards, with the 26th one dealt as the Bonus Property. If you manage to get in this, you will be awarded an instant cash prize! Now if you land on the Joker, expect a card from each property set to be randomly chosen and shuffled. Pick one of the cards to unveil the property and advance to that position on the board.

Will a monopoly game be complete without a Community Chest or trusty Chance? You will find their symbols on Monopoly Slingo. Getting on them will greet you with the following surprises:

  • Get Out of Jail Free
  • Cash prize
  • Advance to other positions on the board (including jail!)

Monopoly Slingo is like the board game. When you pass ‘GO’, add cash to the Free Parking Square. If during the game you land there, feel free to collect the accumulated amount. ‘Go to Jail’ is a very interesting game. Once you land on it, you’ll be sent to jail. You need to wait for 3 rolls to be released or roll a double to escape. But if you select a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card, this will automatically be used to safeguard your release.

Extra rolls on Monopoly Slingo? You’ll get the chance to buy a certain number of extra spins at the end of the game. But that will depend on the playing counter you chose at the start of the game. So, ladies and gentlemen, let’s Slingo!


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