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Scratch 4 Diamonds

Scratch 4 Diamonds
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Scratch 4 Diamonds is a scratch card game that you can find at one of UK’s online casino sites – Spin and Win Casino. This creation of Core Gaming might give you the chance to win with 4 scratch panels per card with set win values. The fixed top prize value is set at £250,000 and it can be won in different ways, such as revealing the number 4 as the outcome of a math sum, or by matching symbols or values on each of the panels respectively. Plus the initial prize value on Scratch 4 Diamonds can be subject to a prize value multiplier on winning cards at random.   


Stake value on Scratch 4 Diamonds is fixed at £10 and this single value is applicable for each card and it cannot be altered.  You will find the stake value displayed on the top right hand side of the scratch card interface.

The ‘Other Card’ button on Scratch 4 Diamonds is active before the start of any new game. It will give you the possibility to select any other Scratch 4 game series. Pressing on the Buy Card button will start a new game, where you will be presented with 4 panels covered with the foils. Your aim on Scratch 4 Diamonds is to remove the foil on each of the four panels with the possibility of grabbing a prize value of up to £250,000! Once you have clicked on the Buy Card button, it will transform itself into the Reveal button. Pressing on it will automatically wipe away the foil on each of the four areas of the scratch card in turn, and this will start from the top left to end at the bottom right hand side of the screen.

If you want to manually scratch the card on Scratch 4 Diamonds, you can do so by clicking and dragging the foil on the respective panels to reveal what is hidden underneath. And when this is removed from a particular panel, the symbol or value beneath it is revealed. Panel 1 is found on the top left side of the screen, and it can award you up to £50 when number 4 is revealed. If the outcome of one of 2 sums on Panel 2 equals to 4, you will win the displayed amount ranging from £10, £20, £50, £100, £200, £500, £1000, £5000, £10000, £50000, to £250000. On panel 3, you will have the chance to win between £10, £50, £100, £1000, £10000 to £250000 when 3 matching symbols are revealed on a 3x3 grid of 9 symbols. And finally, you may earn from £10, £20, £50, £100, £200, £500, £1000, £5000, £10000, £50000, to £250000 when 3 matching values are revealed on the scratch panel 4. The special feature on Scratch 4 Diamonds is the prize value multiplier which is randomly awarded when a safe appears between panel 1 and 2, and this prize value multiplier is multiplied by the existing win value.


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