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Supreme Football

Supreme Football
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Play football with a twist at Spin and Win with Supreme Football! It is an instant win game created by IGT. Be ready for a simple but fun gameplay as it consists of a grid with jersey symbols. Your aim is to uncover them to reveal prizes. The background shows a view of the stadium and the pitch from the cloakrooms. Join the talented footballers as they make their entry! The stadium is crowded and the fans are cheering and applauding loudly. Feel the atmosphere as the match begins!

Football is one of the most popular and oldest sports in the world! It all started with a match between Rutgers and Princeton in 1869. It was the first college football game. It was rather a form of rugby instead of the present football game that we know today. In the 1880s however, a famous rugby player called Walter Camp gradually changed the rules which resulted in American football. It is now a sport known across the world which encourages values like unity in diversity, fair play or team spirit. Football players are also treated like celebrities! Learn more about this popular game through Supreme Football.

Coin Sizes, Symbols, Key Features and Betting

Start enjoying your session Supreme Football by selecting the different ticket costs. Make use of the right and left arrows to increase or decrease the ticket price. Click on Buy to confirm it and start the game. You can either reveal the prize values beneath the jerseys one at a time or click on Reveal All to uncover all of them. This option automatically plays the game until all selections are made. At any point, you can press “Stop” to cancel it. Your aim is to find 3 prize values in a row or collect 3 Footballs to activate the Bonus round. Jerseys and Footballs are the main symbols you will come across.

Supreme Football offers a Bonus round which consists of 10 targets. Choose one of them to reveal either a football player or an X. A football player increases your instant win bonus cup value. The bonus round ends when you find 3 X symbols. All the prize values won are added to your total wins. On the left-hand side of the screen, you can find a trophy with the following payouts: $1.00, $2.50, $5.00, $25.00 and $100.00. The highest prize value you can reveal is $5,000.00!

Supreme Football offers a simple gameplay, especially if you are tired of games with complicated rules. Plunge into the vivid graphics as you progress through the game.

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