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Word Candy

Word Candy
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Word Candy Scratchcard is an instant win scratch card game that has been developed by Core Gaming and it can be found at UK’s casino – Spin and Win. This game is all about sweet treats such as cakes and chocolates. While playing Word Candy your aim is to create words by finding symbols on a crossword grid. The background of Word Candy Scratchcard is purple, where you will find the crossword grid. On its right side, there are chocolate squares containing 27 hidden letters, while on its left side, you will discover the paytable.


On each game played, the stake value is fixed at £3 and this cannot be altered. This stake value is displayed on the right hand side corner of Word Candy Scratchcard.

Clicking on the Buy button will start a new game, where you will find a crossword grid and a chocolate bar panel where a letter is hidden on each of its squares. Your objective while playing Word Candy Scratchcard is to pick 18 chocolate squares out of 27 spread across 3 cards to reveal letters that will appear on the matching words found on the crossword grid. 18 chocolate squares can be automatically revealed by pressing on the Auto Pick button. The grid is automatically filled when a letter matched a word. 3 or more fully activated words on the crossword grid will award you a prize according to the paytable. The game ends if you are unable to fill a minimum of three words entirely.

When pressing on the Buy Card button, you can earn a guaranteed win of 10x your card value if a Golden Ticket randomly appears on the screen. Cherries can also be collected while picking the letters. When 3 cherries are collected, you will be lead to the Bonus feature once you have picked all 18 letters. This bonus is played on another screen where you will find a huge lollipop and a three tier cake. You will be asked to click on the lollipop 3 times, and each time 3 letters will spill out of it and fill the matching letters found on the cakes. A completely filled word on a cake tier will award you the bonus value displayed for that particular tier. This bonus can even be awarded on a game where you did not get any win on the crossword grid.


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