Expanding Wild Feature Slots

Are you looking for games that offer Wilds? With the never-ending competition between online game providers, you might need to specify which type of Wilds you’re looking for. Well, look no further if it’s the Expanding Wilds you’re looking for! You have come to the right place, you will find all the great casino games featuring Expanding Wilds.

What are Wilds? Wilds are the most common bonus symbols found in slot games. They’re like the jokers, allowing the substitution of all regular symbols to turn incomplete combinations into wins. Wilds are best known for their ability to increase the chances of getting wins.

While this remains one of the common symbols in slot games, Wilds tend to be limited during a game. This is why the concept of Expanding Wilds has been introduced. This enhances the chances of big wins and at the same time, it adds more excitement to your gameplay.

These days, almost all online slot games feature the wild symbol. But for those who are new to Expanding Wilds, this guide will surely give all the details that you need to understand how they work during a game.

What Are Expanding Wilds?

Wild symbols are here to help players complete their winning combinations, and when they can launch the Expanding Wilds, they will have an impact on the game. Just remember, these are wilds that expand! Such a special wild can expand to fill all the reels that they land on. As such, your chances of getting wins are increased. Compared to regular wilds that will form a single combination to grant the win, Expanding Wilds can vary, affecting multiple rows at the same time.

Expanding Wilds can also send your game into all sorts of wild directions, including giving you free spins bonuses and plenty more cash prizes. Well, this will depend on the triggering rules for the bonuses.

Extra perks can be seen spicing up the action of various slot games with Expanding Wilds. These Expanding Wilds are carrying more than their Wild properties. On some games, they feature multipliers, which can boost wins in the event they form part of a win. On others, they are sticky, locking in place for the duration of certain spins.

Because they are so versatile, Expanding Wilds may morph into various other bonuses. As such, game providers see this as a perfect opportunity to add a little spice to their slots.

Games with Expanding Wilds at Spin and Win Casino.

Needless to say, Spin and Win Casino is at the forefront when it comes to offering quality games. Be prepared to check out the many titles on this collection of games. They each vary in themes, concepts, and elements.

Spooky Spells Slot: With a flick of the wrist, you may be casting spells that are forbidden in the arts of witchcraft. But to remain on the safe side, spin the reels of Spooky Spells Slot and witness the magical features that flow your way. Among the great bonuses to expect on the game, you’ll discover Expanding Wilds, adding another layer of fun for those who enjoy multiple wins during a round.

Rages of The Seas Slot: Ride the crest of a wave and challenge the notorious pirates heading to a forsaken bay. They are intending to raid it and seize its riches. Only you can stop it! With the help of the Free Games Features, Multipliers, and Expanding Wilds, secure your hold on the fleet and their many rewards that are being carried back to their hideout.

Beat the Bobbies: At the Tower of London Slot: Penny is at it again! She is back and naughtier than ever. She plans to strip the halls of its riches. This time, it’s the Tower of London that is at risk. Assist the Bobbies or join Penny in her raid. Regardless of which side you take, the adventure will be an entertaining one for you!

Play Expanding Wilds Slots at Spin and Win Casino

Now is your chance to play on Expanding Wilds slot games at the online casino site. How about you spare some rounds for these games? To play, you need to register for an account. If this is your first time here, then rejoice! A first-time deposit bonus is waiting for you!

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