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Who hasn't heard about Jumanji - the big blockbuster? Some grew up watching this popular movie. In fact, Jumanji is based on a 1981 Children's book by Chris Van Allsburg. NetEnt the software maven certainly drew its inspiration from this top release. Are you all set to go down memory lane? Jumanji Slot 5 reels and 36-win lines, is packed with some rewarding features that will pepper up your gameplay. A line-up of special features that adds the right dose of thrill with every spin of the reels. Peek a look down below to catch a glimpse of the amazing things in store for you.

Coin Sizes, Symbols, Key Features and Betting

Place your bets on Jumanji Slot. The coin value tab features coin values from £0.01 and £2.00. You can also select from 1 to 10 on the level tab. Therefore, the lowest and highest bet on Jumanji Slot is £0.10 and £200.00 respectively. There is also the AutoPlay Feature where you can cherry-pick from 10 to 100 games that can be played on its own.

The eye-catching symbols on the reels of Jumanji Slot are A, Q, K and J plus crocodiles, pelicans, rhinoceroses and lions.

On Jumanji Slot, the wild symbol is represented by the wild logo and what it does is that it can replace all the other symbols on the reels apart from the Scatter Symbols. But what's the scatter? It is simply the Jumanji box.

Let's dive right into the special features of Jumanji Slot. There are the Sticky Vines and when the sticky vines feature is launched on Jumanji Slot, you will be bestowed with re-spins for some better wins. Now, when the feature is activated, every symbol which forms part of a winning combination and all wilds will stay on the reels and a re-spin will occur.

Monsoon Wilds is also part of the show on Jumanji Slot. When this feature is randomly launched during the base game, 1 or 2 reels will wholly be covered in wilds as the reels swirl. However, remember that reel 5 cannot be squeezed with wilds.

The Monkey Mayhem Feature on Jumanji Slot can be launched at random. Your winnings are awarded when the reels come to rest, in other words when it stops. The symbols will be shuffled to create some potential guaranteed wins.

When the Wilds Stampede is launched, the rhinoceros will stampede on the reels of the magnificent Jumanji Slot and it will add from 4 to 9 Wilds.

How is the Board Game launched on Jumanji Slot? Well, if 3 or more scatter symbols makes an appearance in any position on the reels, the board game is activated. You will then move across the board by making 2-sided dices roll. You will be offered with 6, 7 and 8 dice rolls for 3, 4 and 5 scatter symbols respectively. You will be bestowed with Free Spins depending where you’ve landed on the board after a move.

On Jumanji Slot, scores of Free Spins Features namely: The Vines Free Spins, Monsoon Free Spins, Monkey Free Spins and Stampede Free Spins. Here’s more about each one. The Vines Free Spins will bestow you with 10 Free Spins. With the Monsoon Free Spins, you will be granted with 7 Free Spins. Monkey Free Spins offers 6 Free Spin and finally, Stampede Free Spins rewards 5 Free Spins.

Mystery Feature – When a token falls on the Mystery Feature location, the feature will be awarded to you. A carousel will crop up on the display of Jumanji Slot and you can score these various prizes: 2 Extra Dice Rolls, Coins Wins or Free Spins Feature.

Coin Wins – You will receive Coin Wins when the token lands on the Coin Win location.

Extra Rolls – You will receive extra roll dice when the token lands on the Extra Roll dice.

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