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Objective Jupiter

Objective Jupiter
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Embark on an interstellar adventure across the 4 distant planets on Objective Jupiter Slot at Spin and Win. It is proudly brought to you by Geco - Miko Apps and consists of 5 reels and 25 paylines. Get into the shoes of a space traveller and explore the universe to discover twinkling and cosmic fun! The background of Objective Jupiter Slot shows outer space with twinkling stars and the surface of a planet.

Did you know that ancient Babylonians were the first to record sightings of the planet Jupiter? It was in the 7th or 8th century BC. The planet was named after the king of Roman gods, Jupiter. This planet is the fourth brightest object in the solar system, with unique cloud features.

Coin Sizes, Symbols, Key Features and Betting

On Objective Jupiter Slot, you can choose the available coin sizes, the minimum being 4p. On the Lines field, pick up to 25 paylines. Use Max Bet to place the highest bet. With Auto Spin, choose a number of rounds to be played in rapid succession. Symbols on Objective Jupiter Slot are Brown, Green, Blue, Yellow and Pink Balls, a Female and Male Astronaut. Playing card symbols are also included, such as A, Q, K, J and 10. Green Rockets are wild and the Yellow Rocket is scatter.

Wilds replace all symbols of Objective Jupiter Slot, except Bonus, Scatter and Energy. Expanding Wilds appear on the middle reel and replace the 3 vertical shapes. Three or more Bonus shapes anywhere on the reels trigger a Bonus game, during which you catch flying elements to win extra prizes. Scatters appear anywhere and are not restricted to winning lines. The number of scatters defines the scatter multiplier which is multiplied by the current total bet. They award up to 200 units for 5 of a kind.

The 4 game levels of Objective Jupiter Slot represent the 4 distant planets, namely: Earth, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter. Each level opens when you reach the required energy quota, as displayed on the energy counter at the top right of your screen. Energy shapes appear on the middle reel. Collect these shapes to progress through the game levels. Each of them awards units equal to the current total bet. So, the higher your total bet is, the quicker you move up the levels. When you reach level 4, energy is converted to betting money which lets you place free bets.

Level 4 doubles your energy quota and your wagers are free, deducted from the energy balance instead of your game balance. However, wins are added to the game balance. When the energy balance is over, the level ends. Neither Energy nor Bonus symbols appear at this level. Objective Jupiter Slot also consists of an Interlevel game which occurs when you unlock a new level. It is a skilled game which consists of catching flying shapes before they disappear to win additional prizes. Avoid the asteroids which can incur a 3-second penalty that does not allow you to touch the shapes.

When you complete levels 1 and 2, get the chance to collect your energy quota before level 4 by pressing the Collect button. Energy is then converted to betting money, that is 1GBP for each oxygen unit. Free Spins start immediately and end when energy is over, similarly to level 4 free spins. With this option, however, you forfeit the level 4 energy double-up. You can also skip this option by clicking on the Bank button instead.

With Collect or Gamble, press the “Gamble” button to double your wins after a winning line. It displays a coin flip game in which you select either heads or tails. Your last win is doubled with the correct choice, otherwise, it is lost. Collect or Gamble does not appear during Bonus and Interlevel games.

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