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Wacky Panda

Wacky Panda
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If you want to get a classic 3-reel gaming experience, then Wacky Panda Slot could be the choice for you. This 1 payline game may have all that you can think of to be entertaining at one of UK’s online casino sites – Spin and Win Casino. Your main aim while playing Wacky Panda Slot is to get the winning combos featuring the Red Panda. While placing the maximum bet during a spin, you have the possibility of winning up to 3,333x your bet value.

Pandas just love eating bamboos and every day they can eat up to 38kg to meet their daily energy needs, as bamboos have no great nutritional value. They can thus spend around 14 hours a day just eating. The scenic bamboo forest next to a waterfall seems to be the ideal background for Wacky Panda Slot. The reels are framed by green bamboos attached to each other with ropes. This game is based on both pandas and fruits and this is reflected on the reels. Symbols related to Wacky Panda Slot are a Red Panda with a Water Melon hat, a Yellow Panda Slipping on a Banana Peel, a Purple Panda with a grape on its head, a Blue Panda, a Brown Panda, Melons, Bananas, and Grapes.


On Wacky Panda Slot, you can choose coin values ranging from £0.01, £0.02, £0.05, £0.10, £0.20, £0.25, £0.50, £1.00, £2.00 to £5.00 on the bet field. To increase your bet further, simply change the number of coins from 1 to 2 or 3 found on the top right-hand side, above the paytable. For a new game to start, you can simply press on the Spin Button.

You can earn a payout of 3,333x your bet amount with 3 Red Panda showing up on the payline while you are playing with a stake of 3 coins with the highest coin value. Win a prize value of up to 900x your bet amount when 3 Yellow Panda symbols appear on the payline. Win a payout of up to 180x your bet value with 3 Blue Panda landing on the payline. And when three Brown Pandas make their apparition on the payline, you may earn a prize amount of up to 120x the stake value.

On Wacky Panda Slot you can also earn prizes of up to 60x, 75x, or 90x your bet amount respectively when 3 Grapes, 3 Bananas, or 3 Melons appear on the single payline. With just two Red Pandas landing anywhere on the payline, you will receive a prize of up to 45x your bet amount. And finally, when a single Red Panda land on the payline, it will award you up to 30x the stake value. 


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