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Baccarat Switch

Baccarat Switch
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Baccarat Switch is one of the latest multi-platform online table games available. This entertaining creation offers clean graphics, superior sound and an intuitive game interface. It works equally naturally in both landscape and portrait views on mobile phone & tablet devices. On the other hand, the Desktop game optimises the extra real-estate to powerful effect. Ready to give it a go?

Baccarat Switch is a creation of Microgaming. In addition to a beautiful design and strong colours, this card game features a revolutionary implementation called Squeeze mechanic. It is sure to appeal to many of you. Wondering about the symbols? You won’t find any since it is a card game. Hop over to Spin and Win Casino to launch the game!


Once you start Baccarat Switch, select the desired bet amount at the bottom of the screen! The values are displayed on the colourful chips. You can place a dual bet on a Tie bet and a Banker bet or a Player bet. Each bet is resolved independently. You are paid out at odds of 8:1 on your regular bet amount if you placed a Tie bet and win.

Now if the hands are a tie and you did not place a Tie bet, your bet is returned to you. Did you know that Baccarat Switch comes with the Third Card Rule? If you stand and the banker’s hand has a value of 5 or less, the latter receives a third card. If the banker’s hand or yours has a value of 8 or 9, both hands automatically stand. This rule overrides all others.

On Baccarat Switch, if your hand has a value of 5 or less, you receive a third card. Now if you receive a third card, feel free to use the chart to determine if the banker receives a third card. Let’s have a look at some of the general rules:

  • Baccarat Switch is played with 8 decks of cards
  • Your first card is always dealt before the banker’s first card
  • Kings, Queens, Jacks and Tens have a zero point value
  • Cards 2 – 9 are worth their face value
  • Ace is worth 1
  • Bets cannot be placed on Banker and Yourself at the same time
  • The hand with the highest total wins


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