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Blackjack- Netent

Blackjack- Netent
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Meet another entertaining table game on the premises of Spin and Win Casino. This one goes by the name of Blackjack – NetEnt. The popular game provider has decided to launch a variation of the 21-number game for the fellow players. Will you fancy a round or two of this game?

Blackjack NetEnt takes place in a classic blackjack ambience. You will play against a virtual dealer. The game is set on a green card table where the usual Insurance Odds and the name of the game is displayed. Ready for the fun? You might want to play the game via mobile, tablet or desktop devices.

Coin Sizes, Symbols, Key Features And Betting

To play Blackjack by NetEnt, you need to log into your account at Spin and Win Casino. Once in, start off by selecting the bets of your choice. You will come face to face with various chip values that you can make use of! You can select from 1 to 500. Of course, if you want to further increase the stakes, clicking repeatedly will do the thing! You can wager on up to three hands per round.

Once you are good with the stakes, click on the middle card button to start the game. NetEnt Blackjack game follows the traditional rules of Blackjack and it does not involve symbols. At the beginning of the game, the dealer will deal two cards to you and himself. If you had wagered on all three hands, they will all receive the cards.

The game is played with six standard decks of cards. The aim is to get a score closer or equal to 21. How are the scores determined? That depends on the cards that you’ve received. Cards give out scores. Aces bring you 1 or 11 points. From twos to tens, they will all bring you their face values as scores. As for the Kings, Queens and Jacks, they are all worth ten points. If you got a total score of 21 on your first two initial cards, that is counted as a Blackjack!

What if you did not get a Blackjack on the first two initial cards? You can hit the hand. That means you are awarded another card. Players may hit as many times as they want. Plus, you can split your hand if you get pairs. A wager equal to the original stake will then be set on the new hand created.

Watch out though, if your score gets above 21, it is known as a bust and you lose. After each player has played, the dealer will reveal his cards. If you managed to get a score better than the dealer and that is closer to 21, you win!

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