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Colour Cubes

Colour Cubes
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There are over thousands of colours in the world. Back in the days, the mainly used colours for movies were black and white. With evolution of time, there has been a burst of colours. For instance, a simple red colour has different shades like jam, currant, candy, scarlet or merlot. One factor that has revolutionise colours is the fashion world. It is common for designers to associate different colours with their seasonal or yearly collection. 


To play Colour Cubes Instant Win Game at one of the online casino sites - Spin and Win Casino, you don’t need to know all the shades of colours. This creation of IGT can be played easily. The game is made of a grid which is full of distinct colours of cubes, and your aim is to find the highest paying combinations. Colour Cubes Instant Win Game does not consist of any paylines or reels.

On the Ticket Cost Tab, you can select your preferred stake so that the game on Colour Cubes Instant Win Game can be started. The different bet amounts you can choose from are £1, £2, £3, £5 or £10. When your stake has been placed, the game will be started, and you will be offered nine turns. To play the game, you can either choose the manual gameplay (GO Tab) or the automatic gameplay (Auto-Reveal). Star Cube, Bomb, Red Cube, Blue Cube, Yellow Cube, Green Cube, Orange Cube and Pink Cube are the symbols of Colour Cubes Instant Win Game.

When a Star Cube is collected while the game is on, you win £2.00, and this is instantly added onto your account. If a Bomb Symbol is collected, then all the symbols surrounding it are collected as well. You can win up to a maximum of 250,000 coins on Colour Cubes Instant Win Game, if you are betting the top stake. Different stakes award different winning amount.

Each time you click on ‘GO’, two lines will be seen moving across the grid. These lines will randomly stop on any winning combination- 3 or more similar symbols. The winning combinations will be taken off the grid, and will be teleported to the paytable. You will therefore how many more cubes to need to collect, to grab winnings as per the paytable. The different winning combinations on Colour Cubes Instant Win Game are: 11 Pink Cubes, 10 Blue Cubes, 9 Green Cubes, 8 Yellow Cubes, 7 Orange Cubes or 6 Red Cubes. You can also win on more than one combination, for any turns.


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Lisa Stolmings is working in the game industry for a while now. At the moment she writes for Spin & Win, where she is applying her excellent creative skills. She believes that what matters in casino games, is to help people have a great gaming experience, and this is what she is trying to achieve through her work.

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