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Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal
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Does Deal Or No Deal need an introduction? Not really, since this game is so popular!  For decades now, the show has immersed its audience in suspense. How about playing a game that shares the same rules with the show? Oh, what a coincidence since this game bears the same name as well. Play Deal Or No Deal game at Spin and Win Casino.

Brought to you by Playzido, this entertaining arcade game features the classic rules of the show and all you need to do is pick boxes. Deal Or No Deal comes with in-game rules for new players who are unaware of the rules. Feel free to check them out!

Coin Sizes, Symbols, Key Features And Betting

Connect yourself to your account at Spin and Win Casino to play Deal Or No Deal. Don’t have an account yet? It is quite simple to register at the casino site. Before the game begins, click on the arrows on the small display. The up and down arrows allow you to adjust the bets from 0.50 up to 100.

Good with the bets? Click on the Go button for the game to start. At the beginning of the round, you need to click on the numbered boxes on the shelf. The first box selected is called the Lucky Box. The value of the box is revealed at the end of the round. Click on a number of boxes until the phone on the left side begins to ring!

“Yes, who is it?” It’s the bank and they are calling to know if it’s a deal or not. A prize is displayed during the deal. The reward is based on the cash prizes currently available on the reels. If you call it a deal, you get the prize and the lucky box content is revealed as well. If not, then you move to the next round to pick more boxes. There are five rounds in a game. Whenever the deal is successful, Deal Or No Deal ends.

Deal Or No Deal is also optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Thanks to its Responsive Adaptive Design. Whether you like playing the game via iOS or Android devices, you are free to check the game out on any device!

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Ready to call it a deal or no on Deal Or no Deal? Have fun!

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