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Hi Lo Blackjack

Hi Lo Blackjack
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Hi Lo Blackjack is a fun game found at Spin and Win Casino, created by Realistic Games. Hi Lo Blackjack is laid out to look like a real casino table; you can see the chips neatly laid out on the table, cards on the side and the different betting spots, including the ‘Hi’ and ‘Lo’ spot.  Did you know that the real objective of blackjack is not just to get 21 but to beat the dealer? Another interesting fact is that the pack of cards, consisting of 52 cards is supposed to represent the 52 weeks in a year and the four suits are the four seasons. Want more? The 12 picture cards are the 12 months and the 13 cards in each suit are the 13 lunar cycles in a year!


Place your bets by selecting from the various chips offered; 1, 5, 25, 100 or 500. On Hi Lo Blackjack, you can also choose the table colour from 6 different options and the card display option. You can also choose from a variety of gameplay preferences: Always Offer Insurance, Always Offer Even Money, Remove Bust Cards, In-game Warnings and Automatic Stand. You can choose the dealer’s voice too, music and sound effects.  

After having placed a bet on your desired spot on the table, you will have different options to select from; Deal, Double Bet, Undo and Clear All. Opting for ‘Deal’ will make the dealer hand over 2 cards, then you will need to decide whether to Hit, Stand or Double Down. After a game, you can either repeat & or repeat bet.

Game rules are that the dealer must stand on all 17s, the split option is given one time per hand with no re-splits and the split hand does not count towards an increased Blackjack payout. Same value cards; 10 + K and J + Q result in a push on Hi Lo Blackjack. A player wins 1 – 1 while a Blackjack hand pays 3 – 2. You do not receive the Double Down option when you split Aces but you receive one more card. You can Double Down on any two cards and after non-Ace Splits. One more card is given to you on Double Down. Insurance on Hi Lo Blackjack pays 2-1, A and a face-down card V A + Q pays even money 1 – 1.

The additional option that you get on Hi Lo Blackjack is the Hi and Lo bets. These bets should be placed on the side small boxes after having placed your primary stake. You can either choose Hi or Lo, not both at the same time unless it is on a different box. With a correct Hi-Lo bet, you get 1-1, while an incorrect or pair will make you lose your bet. If you opt for Lo, this is a bet that the second card drawn is lower than the first card whereas Hi is a bet that the second card drawn is higher than the initial card.


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