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Hit Me! Baccarat

Hit Me! Baccarat
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Introduction and Key Features of Hit Me! Baccarat

Enjoy your favourite game with a twist with Hit Me! Baccarat at Spin and Win. Revisit the classic Baccarat game but with enhanced features. This creation of Eyecon is set on a lovely blue casino table. Grab a seat around the table to start your game play! On it, there are pack of cards for the Player and Banker hands. You can also find the table limits and a set of chips.

Do you know how the Baccarat game came into existence? Although the French helped to increase its popularity, it is basically an Italian creation by an Italian gambler called Felix Falguiere during the middle ages. It is quite simple to play Baccarat. Place bets on either the Player or Banker hands before the cards are dealt. After they are dealt, if your bet is on the hand that is closer to 9, you win!

With Hit Me! Baccarat, enjoy the classic rules of the Baccarat game. The excitement is however increased with the Hit Me! bet that gives you another chance to win on a losing hand, by purchasing and drawing an additional card. In this way, the losing hand can turn into a winning one!

Betting Types

Start your game by clicking on the following chips: £1, £2, £5, £10 and £25. Or, click and drag the links on the chosen spot on the table. Select another chip value by clicking on the “X” button. You also have the option to Clear All the stakes you placed on the table. On the right-hand side of your screen, make use of the Auto Play option that allows you to set several games in advance that will play automatically. On Game Settings, you have options to mute or enable sounds and voices.

If you know the classic rules of Baccarat, you will find this game very easy and simple to play. Every hand starts with 2 cards, along with a 3rd one that can be split. In total, there are 6 deck of cards. To win is quite easy, simply hold a hand with a value closest to 9. Aces are counted as 1. Face cards and Tens are counted as 0. The rest of the cards are counted as per their face values. The value falls back to 0 if the amount of cards in a hand is more than 9.

On this exciting game, the normal pays are as follows: Player Pays: 1 to 1; Banker Pays: 1 to 1; Tie Pays: 9 to 1. However, the minimum Hit Me! Pays are 1.5 to 1 and the maximum are 12 to 1.

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Lisa Stolmings is working in the game industry for a while now. At the moment she writes for Spin & Win, where she is applying her excellent creative skills. She believes that what matters in casino games, is to help people have a great gaming experience, and this is what she is trying to achieve through her work.

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