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Let It Ride

Let It Ride
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Hmmm… you might have heard that cards could be all fun. But have you tried Let It Ride? Well, this card game follows an innovative gameplay and have been crafted only for entertainment purposes! Many casino enthusiasts are known to be rooted in their seats as they engage in a round or two of Let It Ride by Scientific Games. You can also give it a try at Spin and Win? Well, time to discover it by playing the game on your mobile, tablet or desktop devices!

Coins Sizes, Symbols, Key Features and Betting

To be able to play Let It Ride, you will need to register for an account. Already got one? Go ahead and log in. The card game does not involve any complex rules or options and is extremely user-friendly. You get to start by choosing the chip values of your choice. The game allows you to select from a minimum of 0.10 climbing to a maximum of £5.00. Select which of these values you wish to proceed with and click onto the three marked areas to lay your bets.

If you click multiple times, you will be able to stack up to the chips and as such, increase the total bet currently in the game. Let It Ride is played with a 52-card deck which is shuffled each round. Whenever you are done with the bets, click play to start the card dealing.

You will be dealt three cards whereby one of the dealt cards is facing up. You are awarded a choice. To either remove a bet currently in game (known as pulling) or proceed to the next step without removing any bets (known as Let It Ride). Once you’ve attempted your moves accordingly, a second card is revealed.

You are asked to either pull or Let It Ride once again. The move is repeated after the third card is revealed as well. In the end, if you have a hand that stands for a ten or better, you are awarded wins according to the pay table. While betting, players can go for a 3 Card Side Bet as well. The 3 Card Side Bet on Let It Ride is paid when you obtain a pair or better amongst the three initial cards dealt with you.

How did you find the gameplay of Let It Ride? Well, this game is fully optimised for any device of your choice. So, give it a go and let the entertainment begin!

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Go ahead and explore a great gameplay with Let It Ride Game!




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