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Playtime Dice

Playtime Dice
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Playtime Dice is a fun and simple new dice game created by Daub Games and it has been recently added at Spin and Win Casino. The aim of Playtime Dice is simply to predict the total of two dice rolled. The background of Playtime Dice is a playground where you will see hopscotch game markings with numbers 2 to 12, a merry-go-round marked with positions that you may wish to bet on and a rope ladder. Here you can hedge your bets with the ability to place varying stakes on multiple outcomes.


Chip sizes on Playtime Dice vary between 5p, 10p, 20p, 30p, 50p and 70p and you can pick the chips you wish to use by clicking on the Select Chip Size option. There are other buttons on the bottom left-hand side of the display such as Roll Dice, Clear Bet and Rebet.

You can choose your chip size and place it on the number of positions you wish to bet on. Chips can be placed onto a number or position via dragging or clicking. More than one number or position can be bet on at a time and you can adjust the individual stake for each bet by placing more chips of the same. Your total bet value is displayed in the bottom right area of the playground. Upon placing a bet, a Tool Tip will appear informing you of your current bet and winnings. To view this tool tip you only need to tap and hold down for half a second on the number or position you wish to view information for. The last five dice roll outcomes are shown at the top of the playgroup on the wooden fence.

You can bet on Odd or Even and Hi or Lo on the merry-go-round and stake on any double dice roll result in the rope ladder or you can place your bets on the hopscotch markings as well to play the numbers. Number bet are individual bets on the total value of two rolled dice whereas doubles bets are placed on a combination of numbers. For you to win, both numbers have to come up as the face value of the two rolled dice i.e. 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, 5/5, or 6/6. Number range bets are placed on the four number ranges of the board where the total value of the two rolled dice has to be within one of the 4 ranges. Hi and Lo where Hi is any number between 9 to 12 and Lo is any number between 2 to 5. The maximum bet for Playtime Dice is 2,500 credits and the maximum win per roll is 85,000 credits.

As for the possible outcomes, they range from 2 to 12, some outcomes are more likely than others, which are reflected in the odds offered. You can bet as many outcomes as you wish and select the same or different stake for each.


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