5 Luckiest People Ever

Ever thought you could escape from the most inevitable thing ever? Like demise? Well, there are a few people who have and it’s gone way overboard! Cat lives maybe? There have been a lot of happenings, but these four men and one lady have been rated the luckiest ever!

Frane Selak is a Croatian music teacher who brushed with death on several occasions. It started in 1962, when he rode a train in a rainy canyon that slipped off the rails. The next year, he was blown out of a malfunctioning door on his first plane ride, and landed in a haystack! While the plane crashed, and killed 19 people. His car almost blew up and was hit by a bus. On his 73rd birthday, Frane won a smashing €863,580 from the lottery!

John Lyne survived sixteen calamities, this man should be lucky to be alive. In his 54 years, he’s been a needle lost in a haystack! Nothing could be worse. Having been struck by lightning, run over by a van, almost drowned and hit by a bus. He’s lost eight teeth from a stone being propelled and gone down a manhole. His wife and friends just make a joke out of these incidents as it’s a normal thing now.

Nichiren a Japanese Buddhist priest who was jailed for writing a prophecy that the Japanese authorities thought was rebellious and undermined their power. As punishment Nichiren was to be beheaded. During the execution, the guard who was going to perform the death penalty was struck by lightning when he raised his sword. Ironic, isn’t it? Nichiren was later released, faced exile where he lived for several years and wrote a book of teachings.

Joan R Ginther is known as one of the luckiest women alive being four times a charm! Why? You ask… Well, it started out a few years back when she found her luck with scratch cards and won $5.4 million! She didn’t stop from there, she later won 2 million dollars followed by a hefty $3 million win! In 2008, Ginther hit a mega jackpot of $10 million bucks! Now, we know who lady luck has been pampering! Let yourself be pampered too at the mobile casino Try out the different categories of Slots which all include sweet jackpots and massive winnings!

Bill Morgan was clinically dead for fifteen minutes following the events of being involved in a bad car accident. After waking up from a 12-day comma, he bought a scratch card and won a $200,000 car! The local newspaper was intrigued with Bill Morgan’s story and wanted to refilm the happenings. While filming, he bought a random scratch card, where he realised he won £250,000!

Everyone has their good and bad moments. Think about your luckiest moment and unluckiest moment. Delete the negative ones, and make cheerful ones by seizing every opportunity that comes your way!

Lisa Stolmings / 02 June 2017