Top 3 Extreme Sports

Sports anyone? The sport that most of us are good at is lying on the couch with a bag of crisps or going to the mall. Ever thought of taking up extreme sports, just because you lack some adventure in your life? As a result of being terrifying, most people rather avoid it, however, more would like to engage in it.

There are sports that would have your adrenaline shooting off! What do you have in mind? Here are three of the most energy bursting sports of all time. Try not to lose your mind!

Base Jumping

Otherwise known as parachuting or sky diving, this sport comes in various forms. It starts from jumping off as base and letting yourself loose in the heights. Of course, you will be equipped with safety gears. It won’t be a one-time thing! Remember how you wished you could fly? Well, here is the solution, and the best of it all, you can do it with your friends. You have a few seconds before you jump down from a high building, or a cliff.


Similar to rafting, this water sport includes a kayak or a canoe. The boats are set off in gushing waters or waterfall descents and the people should paddle through the strong currents. Normally, people who practice creeking must wait for the right season. Sometimes it is dangerous because of the rocks in the rivers, but you could always protect yourself with gears.

Ice Climbing

Climbing the ice creations that mother nature has built, has become a sport. A very cold one! Depending on the texture of the ice, the climber chooses his tools. There are two ranges of ice; alpine ice and water ice. Alpine ice is found close to mountains and water ice is a frozen flow of water, mainly waterfalls. Adrenaline junkies use tools such as ice axes and crampons to facilitate their adventures.

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Lisa Stolmings / 10 May 2017