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Live Auto-Roulette VIP - Evolution

Live Auto-Roulette VIP - Evolution
Live Auto-Roulette VIP - Evolution Screenshot

Game Details

High rollers, be prepared to experience one of the VIP games, Live Auto Roulette VIP! This creation has been brought by Evolution Gaming, and it is available for you to play at Spin and Win Casino. If you’re looking for quick gameplay, then Live Auto Roulette VIP is the perfect pick for you! You won’t find any live dealers on this live game, but the game plays using precise technology. Also, you can enjoy this game any time and any day on either a tablet, a laptop or a mobile phone. The fast gameplay lets you play from 60 to 80 game rounds per hour!

Before you start Live Auto Roulette VIP, discover some interesting facts about roulette! Did you know that roulette is also called the ‘Devil’s Game’? This is because if you add all the numbers, it will total to 666! Also, the most common bet on roulette is red or black as there’s a 50/50 chance of winning.

Betting Types

Let the wheel of Live Auto Roulette VIP spin by first applying your stake. On the screen, you have seven chip values and you can choose any to place your preferred bet. Also, you have to choose between inside and outside bets.

An inside bet is mainly when you bet on any numbers which are on the table. These numbers can be either red or black, and range from 0 to 36. There are seven types of inside bets and these are:

Straight: Bet on a single number
Split: Bet on two adjacent numbers on the table
Street: Bet on 3 consecutive numbers on the same line
Six Line: Bet on two lines which are next to each other
Corner: Bet on 4 Numbers
Trio: Bet on 3 numbers including 0
Basket: Bet on 0, 1, 2 and 3

An outside bet is when you select to bet on a number outside the table. The different types of outside bets are:

Column: Bet on 12 numbers like 1 to 12
Dozen: Bet on 12 numbers which are aligned in 4 rows of 3 numbers
Red/ Black: Bet on all 18 red or all 18 black numbers
Even/ Odd: Bet on all 18 odd or all 18 even numbers
1/18 or 19/36: Bet on all numbers from 1 to 18 or from 19 to 36

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