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Live Auto-Roulette - Evolution

Live Auto-Roulette - Evolution
Live Auto-Roulette - Evolution Screenshot

Game Details

Developed by Evolution Gaming, Live Auto Roulette is distinct from any other type of roulette games. It is played in real time and there is no live dealer. The ball and the wheel of Live Auto Roulette are high quality, making the game look realistic. This roulette game is played automatically and the ball spins as you watch! Choose from 60 to 80 games to be played per hour.

All casinos offer roulette game as it is the oldest and most famous casino game. But, do you know where roulette comes from? It was invented by the Frenchman, Blaise Pascal. As a matter of fact, the term roulette means small wheel in French.

Betting Types

On Live Auto Roulette, the game rules are simple and like any other roulette games. On your screen, you will see which chips are offered and you can select from these to place your stake. Once your bet placed, the game begins. The stakes on Live Auto Roulette are quite low; thus, making it accessible for both low rollers and high rollers. Also, the different options you will see on the display are: Undo, Repeat, History and Live Gaming.

There are two betting types on Live Auto Roulette and these are: Inside Bets and Outside Bets.

Inside bets are when you place a stake on the desired number which is inside the table. The numbers vary from 0 to 36. The different types of inside bets are:

Basket: A bet on 0, 1, 2 and 3 on the corner
Trio: A bet on 3 numbers including 0
Corner: A bet on 4 corners of the table
Six Line: A bet on two adjacent lines
Street: A bet in 3 consecutive numbers on the same line
Split: A bet on two numbers which are next to each other
Straight: A bet on a single number

Outside bets are when you place a bet on a number which is outside the table. These types of bets are:

Columns: A bet on one of the three column numbers as winning numbers
Dozen: A bet on one of the dozen
1/18 or 19/36: A bet on whether the winning number will be lower or higher than 19
Odd or Even: A bet on whether the winning number will be even or odd
Red or Black: A bet on whether a red or black number will be the winning number

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