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Live Roulette - Evolution

Live Roulette - Evolution
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One of the most played casino games is roulette! Having been introduced in 1796, this game has known many changes throughout the years. And, yet, the devil’s game remains one of the favourite of many casino players. This time, you don’t need to drive to a casino to enjoy a good game of roulette as Spin and Win Casino brings Live Roulette to the comfort of your home. The backdrop of this online game overlooks a real-like casino and features live dealers, which makes you feel even more comfortable. So, anytime you’re ready to spin the wheel, you can play Live Roulette at Spin and Win Casino.

Betting Types

Kick off the gameplay on Live Roulette by choosing your bet by clicking on your preferred chip value out of the six available ones. The chip values range from 1, 3, 5, 25, 100 to 500. You can then choose to bet on either even numbers (1-18) or odd numbers (19-36). Once your bet has been placed, the roulette table will close the betting section, and the game will be on. The options you will find below the roulette table are: Betting Mode, Video Mode and Auto Zoom Mode.

The wheel will start spinning and the dealer will announce the winning number of Live Roulette. You can experience the live action of the ball spinning and landing on a number, thanks to the HD and 3D cameras.

On Live Roulette, there are special features that you will find. Also, each type of bet comes with a different payout. For instance, the two different bet types are Inside Bets and Outside Bets. Inside Bets are bets which are made on the numbered spaces or the lines between them while Outside Bets are made on a special box or on the left of the board.

The Inside Bets on Live Roulette are:

Straight up: Placing a bet on any single number including zero
Split bet- Placing a bet between two numbers, either vertical or horizontal
Street bet – Placing a bet at the end of any row which covers 3 numbers
Corner bet – Placing a bet at the corner of the box of any rows of numbers
Line bet – Placing a bet at the end of 2 rows which intersects between them

The Outside Bets on Live Roulette are:

Dozen bet: The Bet should be on one of the three boxes which are labelled 1st 12
Column bet: The Bet should be on the 2 to 1 boxed that covers 12 numbers, excluding 0

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