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Live Three Card Poker - Evolution

Live Three Card Poker - Evolution
Live Three Card Poker - Evolution Screenshot

Game Details

Do you enjoy poker? Check out Live Three Card Poker at Spin and Win Casino! It is brought to you by Evolution Gaming. The game makes you feel the live atmosphere of a land-based casino from the comforts of your home. It is set against a background showing the entrance of a real casino, with lights and music. You are welcomed by a friendly live dealer with whom you can interact using the Chatbox.

Do you know how many cards were used in the earlier versions of poker? Only 20 cards were used and the game was played among 4 players. The game itself was less complex. Five cards were dealt with each player and the betting started with the one who had the best hand. The current version of poker with a 52-card deck was integrated only as from 1834. Enjoy this popular game on Live Three Card Poker during which only 3 cards are involved for both the player and the dealer, and a single-card deck is used.

Coin Sizes, Symbols, Key Features and Betting

Start your game on Live Three Card Poker with the Ante or Initial Bet. Two optional side bets are also available, such as:

Pair Plus: The Pair Plus bet can be placed alone or if you have opted for an Ante bet. Simply place your preferred chip on the Pair Plus betting spot on the table which considers only the 3 cards dealt with you. However, the bet is lost if you do not have any pair or better.
6 Bonus Card: Look out for the 6 Bonus Card bet as it gives you a second chance of winning!

The payouts for Ante Bonus bet are as follows:

Straight Flush or Higher – 5:1.
Three of a Kind – 4:1.
Straight – 1:1.

As for the Pair Plus bet, it awards the following payouts:

Mini Royal – 100:1.
Straight Flush – 40:1.
Three of a Kind – 30:1.
Straight – 5:1.
Flush – 4:1.
Pair – 4:1.

Earn the following rewards on Live Three Card Poker with a 6 Bonus Card bet:

Royal Flush – 1000:1.
Straight Flush – 200:1.
Four of a kind – 100:1.
Full House – 20:1.
Flush – 15:1.
Straight – 10:1.
Three of a kind – 7:1.

Once the dealer announces “No more bets”, all the players and the dealer receive 3 cards. The dealer’s cards are dealt face down and those of the players are face up. After examining the cards, each player can make a Play bet which must be equal to the Ante bet or he/she can “Fold”, which means forfeiting any bets placed and deciding not to continue. Thus, there are so many ways you can enjoy Live Three Card Poker!

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