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Live Common Draw Blackjack High Roller - Netent

Live Common Draw Blackjack High Roller - Netent
Live Common Draw Blackjack High Roller - Netent Screenshot

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Live Common Draw Blackjack High Roller is an immersive live casino game presented to you by NetEnt. Play it at Spin and Win Casino. This live blackjack game is played with 6 decks of cards that are shuffled using an automatic shuffling machine. The particularity of Live Common Draw Blackjack High Roller is that all players play the game from a common set of cards which are laid out on the card stream found on the blackjack table. This live casino game is handled by a friendly and professional live dealer, so even if you are not familiar with this game, the live dealer would be more than pleased to explain the rules to you. As in any game of blackjack, your aim in Live Common Draw Blackjack High Roller is to create a blackjack hand with a value that is equal to or closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand, while avoiding to go bust by going over.


You will be invited to place your bets at the beginning of the game round, where you will find that there is a bet timer that will be doing a countdown. On Live Common Draw Blackjack High Roller, you can place your bet by firstly selecting a bet value and then by pressing on the round betting box. Clicking further on the betting box will increase the number of chips. Once the bet timer countdown is over, it means that betting is closed. The dealer will then proceed to deal one card up for himself while playing two cards on the card stream which does not include the dealer’s first card.

Depending on the value of the cards placed on the card stream, you and other players participating in that particular game will decide how they wish to carry on with the hand based on the rules of blackjack. There are various options which are open to you and these include hit, double or split. If you decide to Hit, you will be given an additional card. Selecting Double will double the value of your bet while selecting Split will separate your 2 cards into 2 different hands. If you bust or choose to stand, cards will continue to be dealt as other players at the table may still be concluding their hands in the card stream. Once all players have completed their hands, the dealer will draw cards to their own incomplete hand, and the game ends when the dealer finalises their hand. The table is then cleared by the dealer, after which winnings are paid to the respective winners.

Subject to your cards and the dealer’s card, you may have additional options such as split, take even money, or take insurance. If the dealer’s card is an ace while you have Blackjack, you may opt to take even money. If the dealer’s first card is an Ace, you may choose to take insurance, and this will cost you half of your initial bet. Before the timer ends, you are supposed to select one option. However, if you do not select any option during that period, your hand will automatically stand. A blackjack billboard found on the top right-hand side corner of the screen will display the dealer’s last 100 hands percentage of busts and blackjack, the dealer’s last 10 hand value, the last hand, and the various actions in the current hand.


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