Scratch and Arcade Games

At Spin and Win, the whole concept of scratchcards and arcade games has changed! Now you can play online scratchcards and arcade games right here with us. And when you play any of these games, you’ll be in for the best gaming experience possible.

On this page, under the games tab, you’ll find all our different online scratchcard games and arcade games to suit all tastes. You can plunge into the world of online scratchcards and arcade games with Spin and Win. Popular titles include the likes of Football ScratchHome And AwayFishin’ Frenzy Scratch, and many more...

All you need to do to play online scratchcards and arcade games with us is sign up to a Spin and Win account. Once you’ve registered, the world of scratch and arcade games awaits.

Instant Win Games

At Spin and Win, all our scratch and arcade games are instant win games. With instant win games, you find out in an instant if you’ve won – hence the name. When you play online scratchcards, it’s just a case of simply scratching the card – virtually, of course – and revealing the symbols to see if you’ve won. You’ll find out straightaway if you’ve boosted your bankroll.

And when you play arcade games online, it’s the same concept. Depending on the game, you might spin a wheel or pull a plug to reveal the symbols on your grid. And once again, you’ll find out in an instant if you’ve won.

Instant win games are different to slots and online table games, for example – with these online games you play different levels of the game, unlock bonus features and more to boost your winnings. With instant win, it’s all done in an instant.

What are Scratch and Arcade Games?

Scratchcards are made up of small cards which are split up into tiny sections. All these segments are covered with silver panels. Underneath, you could find symbols, signs, or pictures. You can seize a win depending on the combinations of symbols. The winnings will be determined by the paytable as per the different combinations of symbols. There can be multiple winning combinations.

With scratchcards, you “scratch” the card virtually using your mouse on your desktop or your finger on your smartphone – you can also click a button to do it for you. With arcade games, the premise is similar, but you may spin a wheel or pull a plug to reveal the symbols.

In most games, you can pick up a win when a combination of 3 or more similar symbols appears under those panels. However, it could also be that you need a correct arrangement of an image or an animation to grab some wins. What’s even more interesting is the fact that some online scratchcard games award bonus rounds or extra winnings, which might be double or triple your stake.

You’ll find different scratch and arcade games which have been developed by different game providers. The games come with themes like nature, marine life, adventure, or treasure. Thus, you always have a massive selection to choose from. Just like slot games, these games can be played with different stakes and offer various pay-outs.

How to Play Scratch and Arcade Games?

Before playing any scratchcard game, you need to place your bet. You can adjust your stake by clicking on the plus or minus signs found on the Coin Tab/Bet Button. After placing your bet, you’ll get a card, but you need to click on New Card so that the game starts afresh. Then, using your mouse, you must scratch the panels to see which symbols are revealed. If you want to see the symbols being revealed quicker, you can just click on Show Card and all the panels will be automatically scratched off.

Like any other game, there are some rules when it comes to scratch games. For instance, you can play on only one card at a time. And you must complete the round on the first card, before you can purchase a second one. Like slot games, the outcomes of online scratch cards depend on a random number generator (RNG).

So, How Do You Win on a Scratchcard?

Winning on a scratchcard is super simple. All you need to do is scratch the panels to reveal the symbols. Once you do, you’ll see the symbols underneath – you win by getting matching symbols. Each symbol will correspond to a specific value, and the higher the value of symbols, the more you will win. Each game has a different paytable which defines how much you can potentially win. You’ll also find some scratchcard games have bonus features to boost your winnings too.

Overall, online scratchcards and arcade games are simple to play – the rules aren’t complicated. Along with this, the game also comes with potential wins which can be as much as 50x your stake.

Could You Scratch and Win?

Do you fancy testing your luck? Are you ready to play online scratchcards with us at Spin and Win? Check out thrilling games including Flying Pigs, Bugs Party, Fireworks Pull Tab, and more. Get ready to scratch and play, and see if you’ve won in an instant.

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