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In the gaming world, this number is called out at Lucky 7 and is often found in classic slot games. Many online slot games are indeed themed on this lucky number, but now MGS- Gamevy has used this themed to develop a Scratch Card Game. 7UP! Scratch Card game is playable at UK’s online casino- Spin and Win. Made with seven lines, this game holds seven possibilities of winning each time you play. So, take out either your tablet, your laptop or your mobile phone, and start scratching the panels anytime you want. The background of 7UP! Scratch Card game is simple, yet good-looking. It has been painted in plain black, while the lines and panels are set on a purple décor. You will also see a PRIZE Tab at the end of every line, and it will flash the winnings you gather each time.


In numerology, the number 7 holds significant importance. It is defined not only as a lucky number, but also as a spiritual, focused, analytical and intuitive. In Asian countries like Japan and China, the number 7 is considered as most lucky. However, the number 8 is considered as the luckiest of all.

Before starting 7UP! Scratch Card game, you first have to place your bet amount. By clicking + or - signs on the Per Line Field, you can stake any amount from £0.02 to £70.00. You can also select to bet for 1 to 7 lines, by adjusting the Lines Field. On each of the lines, you will see 3 panels and each of these hide one symbol. Upon clicking on the ‘Play’ Tab, the symbols will be uncovered. If there are three identical symbols, you will get the corresponding wins.

If you want 7UP! Scratch Card game to be played faster, you can choose to activate the Turbo Mode. This mode gets all the panels scratched all at once, and if there are any winnings, these are flashed quicker.

The many classic symbols you will see on these panels are Horseshoe, Clover, Bell, Bar, 7, Cherry, Melon, Grape, Banana and Pineapple. A combination of 3-of-a-kind symbols can award you some wins. You correspondingly earn 1x, 1x, 2x, 4x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x, 200x, 1000x or 10000x your total stake when 3 Cherries, 3 Lemons, 3 Bananas, 3 Pineapple, 3 Grapes, 3 Melons, 3 Horseshoes, 3 Clovers, 3 Diamonds, 3 Bells, 3 Bars or 3 7s are seen on any of the panels.


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Lisa Stolmings is working in the game industry for a while now. At the moment she writes for Spin & Win, where she is applying her excellent creative skills. She believes that what matters in casino games, is to help people have a great gaming experience, and this is what she is trying to achieve through her work.

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