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Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad
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Aired from 2008 until late 2013, Breaking Bad was one of the most watched series. This American crime drama series was run for five seasons and won numerous awards for as long as it was being aired on television. Some of the main characters of these series which were the most appreciated ones are Walter White, Skyler White, Jesse Pinkman and Hank Schrader- they are the ones who appeared in almost each of the 62 episodes. IGT has come up with a game based on this series, and it is called Breaking Bad Scratch Card Game.

Breaking Bad Scratch Card Game is not like slot games or arcade games. Instead, it comes with different tiles. The aim of the game is to find matching tiles, so that you can win the prize value. The backdrop of Breaking Bad Scratch Card Game is rather simple; it is a plain green backdrop on which are two categories of numbers- Winning Numbers and Your Numbers. The Winning Numbers are labelled as AU while Your Numbers are tagged as AG. The numbers are facedown, and it is only when you click on the tiles that they are revealed.


When you click on ‘Start’, Breaking Bad Scratch Card Game will present you with the Ticket Cost tab. The different bet amounts you will see are £10.00, £5.00, £3.00, £2.00 and £1.00. You just have to click on the plus or minus signs to adjust your preferred stake. Once this is done, you will see that there are 5 tiles under Winning Numbers, and 15 tiles under Your Numbers. So, each time you place a bet, you have 5 chances of winning, as any 5 of your 15 numbers could be matching the Winning Numbers. You can click on the tiles one by one to reveal the numbers they hide, or you can simply click on ‘Reveal All’. All the numbers under Your Numbers have a prize amount attached to them, while the winning numbers do not come with any value. If any of your numbers match any of the winning numbers, you win that prize amount instantly.

On Breaking Bad Scratch Card Game, you will also see three of the series’ characters. You win the specified amount when Skyler is revealed. When you see Jesse symbols, you win double of the stated prize and a Walter symbol awards you with 5x the prize shown. Breaking Bad Scratch Card Game can award you up to a maximum of 10,000 coins!


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