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Scratch 4 Rubies

Scratch 4 Rubies
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Now you can experience the thrill of scratchcards online with Scratch 4 Rubies scratch card at one of UK’s online casino sites – Spin and Win. Scratch 4 Rubies has been developed by Core Gaming and it brings to you the chance to win on up to 4 scratch areas in a single game where the top prize is of £25,000. Your objective on Scratch 4 Rubies is to reveal symbols or numbers on the four scratch areas by wiping off the foiled areas to win prizes when either number 4 is revealed, the outcome of 1 of 2 math sum is 4, or when identical symbols or values are revealed.


On the top right hand side of the screen you will find the stake value of Scratch 4 Rubies scratch card, which is fixed at £1 per game. This single stake value is applicable on each and every scratch card purchased, and it cannot be changed.

By pressing on the Buy Card button on Scratch 4 Rubies, you can begin a new game, where you will be taken to the ‘in play’ layout once the reveal animation is displayed. When the ‘in play’ layout is displayed, you won’t have the option to press on the Other Cards button, while the Reveal button takes the place of the Buy Card button. If you want to play another game from the Scratch 4 game series, you can click on the Other Card button. Each of the 4 scratch card areas is revealed in turn when you click on the Reveal button, and this starts from the top left and ends at the bottom right side of the scratch card.

The foil from each of the 4 panels per scratch card requires to be wiped away when a new game has begun, and this can be done by holding and dragging your finger or the cursor over the concerned area. The symbols or values are revealed once the foil is removed from the areas. More than 80% of the area needs to be wiped for each of the scratch panel for it to be considered as completed. Each of the four panels requires to be complete first for the scratch card to be considered as finished and for winnings to be subsequently awarded or for the game to end.

Panel 1, found on the left hand side of the scratch card layout can give you a payout ranging from £1 to £10 when number 4 is revealed from a set of 6 numbers. On the top right side, situated next to panel 1, you will discover panel 2 that can award you £2, £4, £10, £20, £50, £100, £200, £500, £1000, £5000, or £25000 when the result of one of two sums is 4. And you can win £2, £10, £50, £500, £1000, or £25000 when 3 identical symbols are matched from a set of 9 symbols found on a 3x3 grid. You will come across a pay table found on the right side of the game that displays the possible win values for each of the corresponding matching symbols. Panel 4, found at the bottom right corner of the scratch card can award you £2, £4, £10, £20, £50, £100, £200, £500, £1000, £5000, or £25000 when 3 values are matched from a set consisting of nine values in a 3x3 grid.


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