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Bubble Craze

Bubble Craze
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If you want a fun experience while playing slot games, then you should try Bubble Craze Slot. This hexagonal shaped video slots game is very different from the classic online slot games that you may have played and in Bubble Craze Slot you will not find any paylines.

In this intriguing game you will find yourself plunging headfirst into a world of colourful bubbles that can transform and multiply your wins. You have the unique chance to be paid for 4 or more matching adjacent bubbles of the same colour anywhere, up to 19 matching bubbles while playing Bubble Craze Slot.


You may be wondering how to trigger a winning combination if there is no payline, and the answer to this question is quite simple, as your aim in Bubble Craze Slot is to get any group of four or more matching adjacent bubbles to get a win, whereby a group of matching bubbles may be of any shape and may appear anywhere on the outcome. Bubbles colour on this slot games are Silver, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Brown, plus there are special Transform and Multiplier bubbles.

Bubble Craze Slot cost 50 coins to play whereas coin denominations in this game are £0.01, £0.02, £0.03, £0.05, and £0.10 coins per spin that you can select by clicking on the left or right arrows to decrease or increase your stake amount on the Coin Value field.

As there is no paylines on this video slot game, you will have the opportunity to maximize your chance of winning on each spin if you get up to 19 bubbles of the same colour. You may take advantage of the Auto Spin mode, where you can select 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 spins to play automatically with the current coin value. The Auto Spin mode will play your specified number of games until you press the Stop button or if the balance is insufficient to spin again.

A 19 Red bubble win is the highest paying winning combination where you will be awarded 10,000 credits, whereas for Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Brown wins you can earn up to 5,000, 2,000, 2,000, 1,500, 1,500, 1,000 and 1,000 credits respectively.

A Bubble win consist of a group of 4 or more bubbles of the same colour and you may have up to 4 bubble wins on a single spin. You will find that some bubbles on Bubble Craze Slot contain a Transform symbol which has the capacity to change all the adjacent neighbouring bubbles to the same colour as itself, and more than one bubble may contain a Transform symbol on a single spin.

Some bubbles contain a 2x or 5x multiplier which multiplies winning combinations by 2x or 5x respectively when a bubble win contains a multiplier bubble, whereby the highest multiplier in a bubble win is awarded.  If you get any 3 bonus symbols of any colour combination, it will trigger the Free Spin Bonus where you will receive 5 free spins.  During the Free Spin Bonus, every free spin is a guaranteed winner with extra Transform Bubbles.


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