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Spin 4 Cash

Spin 4 Cash
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Produced by DaGaCube, Spin 4 Cash is a great game that can be found at Spin and Win, where you can play some of the online slots. Spin 4 Cash has been developed by Spin and Win’s own software. This game occurs in a casino-like background, which consists of a blue and gold wheel. Be ready to enter the casino and find a roundtable to place your bets.


0.05,0.10,0.50,1,5 and 10 are the bet amounts that you will find on Spin 4 Cash, and 1,2,5,10,20 and 40 are the numbers you can bet on. You first need to select your bet amount and then choose the number you would like to place your bet on. 

Once you have placed a bet, the Place Bet Button will light up. You will be required to click on that, to be included in Spin 4 Cash. If you have a change of heart before the game plays, you can click on Clear Bets tab, to take off your bets. On Spin 4 Cash, you will also find the Mini 0.10 and the Maxi 1 option, which are progressive jackpots. By clicking on any of these, you will be able to place a bet in direct line for the progressive jackpot which can be won if the wheel stops on green.

The numbers being the odds, the payouts are rather simple. If the wheel stops on numbers that you have placed a bet on, you win that amount plus your bet amount. Thus, a bet placed on number 40 will give you 41 winnings, if those numbers come out.

Spin 4 Cash also has the multiplier feature, which varies as per the colours. 2 times is awarded for red, 3 times for red and 5 times if the wheel stops at green. If the wheel stops on a colour, the wheel will re-spin, and the multiplier value will be added for the number that comes out on the spin. But if another colour comes out, this is counted as a no pay.


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