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Nerves of Steal

Nerves of Steal
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MicroGaming Systems-Gamevy presents its creation called Nerves of Steal for all fans of strategy and jeopardy games at one of the top online casinos, Spin and Win. It consists of 4 lives, which provide you with 4 chances of finding a chip. Set in a hall with several pillars on a brown background, Nerves of Steal looks attractive and compelling. So, do you have the nerve to keep hunting for the chips and win more or do you prefer to cash out and keep your winnings? Nerves of Steal has a frequent win rate which will make you want more.

Nerves of Steal looks simple at first, where you get the option to adjust your betting amount and play. The screen then changes and displays a number of squares on which you will click to look for up to 10 hidden casino chips. When a chip is found, the lives are reset. Nerves of Steal is an innovative game which will entertain you.


Start Nerves of Steal by adjusting your betting amount. You have the option to bet £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 and £10 which will award jackpots of up to £100,000, £200,000, £300,00, £400,000, £500,000 and £1,000,000, respectively. 

Once the bet amount is selected, press the Play button to start opening the squares. The screen then displays a board with 50 squares. Your aim is to hunt for 10 Casino Chip symbols hidden in the squares. If you find 10 Casino Chip symbols in a row, the jackpot is triggered.  If you open an empty box, you lose 1 life and the prize amount decreases. The game ends when you lose all 4 lives. Every time you find a Casino Chip, your current prize amount increases and the lives reset to 4. You have the choice between continuing to hunt for the chips or cashing out your wins.

The jackpot will show the maximum amount you can win according to your bet. When a Casino chip is found, a winning animation displays your prize and the Cash out button shows up. However, if you wish to continue playing, simply click on the “Pot” containing coins found next to the Cash out button.

The Next Win feature displays the value of the next Casino Chip symbol that you may find. It is calculated on the number of empty boxes or chips found. According to your decision, the jackpot amount is also recalculated. When you continue picking the squares, your current win becomes the new stake and is divided into 4 parts, representing the 4 lives.


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